Saturday, July 10, 2010

Custom Knit Longies by Nicole of Dakine Knits--A Rave

Nicole of Dakine Knits rocks my socks when it comes to custom knitting!!

From the first time I contacted her Nicole has been super sweet and understanding.  She has walked me through the custom knitting process, offered advice, creative guidance, and the most amazing knitting skills!

She has excellent communication, knits quickly and on time, takes amazing photos (my little sister is jealous of her photography skills!) and is just a generally nice person.  She is one of the good ones.

Some of you have probably seen my posts asking for advice about how to get my longies made up and I am so happy to be able to share them with you today.

We've actually had them in the house for a couple weeks now, but since they are TECHNICALLY a birthday present for my son we haven't been using them (except for maybe 2x when Mama was feeling down & needed a pick-me-up) enough for me to get action shots.

Well, today I got around to getting some cute smiley pictures & I am ready to show them off!

I loved working with Nicole so much, there was no hesitation when I won an auction on HC who would be knitting the pants!

Start to finish I TOTALLY recommend Nicole...and so does Lucas!!

Yarn Before:

Nicole's Photos:

My Action Shots:

Thanks for looking!!

Thank you so much Nicole!!!


momma zen said...

ADORABLE longies!!! Not to mention a handsome man you have there!

Ameya said...

Oh my gosh, how cute is that/he?!?! I want a pair of cute fall themed woolies for this autumn so bad! I love fall!