Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Update-Last week as an 8 month old!

Wednesday July 14
I babysat Carolynn and Ashley on Wednesday.  It was trying but good for the girls to get to spend some time with Luke.

  Tim was late getting home from work, so I was late heading out to Bunco.  However, we found our way & got to Tabitha's house well before we actually started playing the game.  Luke and Lily played together for quite a while & it was nice to visit with some adult women for a while.

Before the game was over I had a headache, so I wasn't my usual bubbly self (ha ha--me bubbly! that's funny!)  But, I enjoyed playing just the same as ever!

I didn't "win" any of the prizes though, so I got 2 "booby" prizes.  I won a Virginia Beach shot glass & then traded Melanie a necklace for a minkee hat.  The hat is so soft & fluffy!  Melanie was the host & she always has something for everyone in her prizes!

Luke & I drove home around 10 and went straight to bed!

Thursday July 15
Thursday was a GREAT day for us!  We had therapy in the morning, and although we were running late & Luke was tired he did REALLY well!  He even got on his hands & knees and crawled for Miss Kerry!  Yay Lukey!  Miss Kerry said he'd be a pro at it by the next week, but Luke decided he liked crawling & mastered it by that evening!

After therapy, we went to the bank, a scrapbooking store, Chic Fil A, and Party City.  Luke napped through the bank & All About Scrapbooks.  I got $15 worth of scrapbook stuff for his birthday.  I also picked up some stuff for his birthday at Party City.

We went home for a few minutes so Luke could nurse & nap a bit before heading out to pick Tim up from work.  It was too late to go home, so we went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's before church.

Luke played in the nursery at church while Tim & I went to our Sermon Study small group.

After small group, Luke & I went to Tom & Peggy's house so he could nurse.  He nursed for a long time & napped but didn't go to sleep for the night like I'd hoped.  Tom picked Tim up from church & brought him back to the house for a bit, so it was almost 10 before we headed home.

Friday July 16
Friday morning started out nice & slow with not much of anything exciting to note.

 Around 12:30 Melanie & her kidlets showed up to get us to go to the park.  I finished getting us ready & then we headed out to Fun Forest at the Chesapeake City Park.  It was HOT!  Luke ended up in just a diaper & we all glug-glugged down a lot of water!

After a couple hours playing at the park we came back to our house.  The kids watched t.v. on Netflix & played Wii while Melanie & I hung out, did housework, and took care of Luke.

We decided that I'd babysit for Melanie after Rob got to the house so we all started preparing for that.  (I owed her a babysitting session for the awesome knitting she did on Luke's shorties.)

Tim came home, Rob got to the house, Melanie & Rob left, and I cooked dinner while the kids all played Sorry.  I made homemade nuggets for Tim & I, organic frozen nuggets for the kids, mashed potatoes and corn for everyone.  It was a super yummy dinner!  After dinner I had to feed Luke, so Tim & the kids watched Richie Rich.

  Then when Luke was down for the night (@ 7:30!!!) I cleaned up the kitchen before making smoothies for everyone!  I added Peach Schnapps to mine & Schnapps & 151 to Tim's.  They were SUPER yummy!

Melanie & Rob got back from the movies and took their kidlets home, then our little family headed to bed.

Saturday July 17
Yesterday was a lazy day for us.  We didn't do much other than housework and an afternoon trip to the grocery store.  We had pizza (cheeseless for me) for dinner & watched some t.v.  We also got a lot of housework done!

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