Thursday, July 15, 2010

Major News Alert!

We have up-on-all-fours crawling now!  Woot woot!  Luke crawled the length of the bed this morning (and busted his face on the end table).  Then he crawled at therapy!  This evening he crawled all the way across Tom & Peggy's living room!  Way to go Lukey Poo!!

Luke is still waving bye-bye, kissing, and clapping---when he wants to!

Trust me as soon as I can I'll try to get these new skills on camera!

Spasm Update:
Luke is allergic to the donuts that we both love.  Yesterday morning he woke up with bloody poo.  Tuesday he had been really spasm-y and cranky.  He probably had over 90 spasms on Wednesday.  I called the doctor & they think he is probably allergic to the wheat in the flour.  It's a devastating revelation.  (with this wheat "allergy" we suspect there may be a basis in celiac disease--does it ever end for my child?)  Luke had about 30-40 spasms today.  He is on Prevacid now & has to have Mylanta every 2 hours, including over night.

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