Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Skills All Around

Today was a pretty good day for Lucas & I.

Tim was sick, so he stayed home from work to sleep.  That didn't keep Luke and I from keeping our sewing date with Carolynn's Mimi (Genia) though!

We got up & did our normal routine this morning, then around 11 we headed out.  We stopped by Rite Aid to get Luke's new Prev-acid prescription.  It cost $50!  Ay yai yai!  Well, we do what we have to do, right?  Hopefully this will be the wonder-drug that puts an end to Luke's spasms.

After the pharmacy we headed to Buddy & Genia's house.  Buddy watched Luke while Genia & I sewed and shared fabric stashes!  Genia was keen to unload fabric to me and I came home with more fabric than I left with!

At first, we finished up all of my small projects.  I had several 1/2 way done items that needed tweaking.

Up first, we took a scrap of bamboo terry (it used to be a shower loofah) and made a soaker pad!  It's 3 layers of bamboo terry, serged together at the ends only.

Genia helped me add a yoga style waist band to my double-felted recycled longies.  They are kinda goofy looking, but they will make BULLET proof pajamas!

Most sewing projects are easier & quicker on the Genia taught me how to work her serger & I actually serged the legs & waist onto these pants all by myself!  Our sharks came out upside down, even though we THOUGHT we planned for them to be right side up....but, they are PJ pants so its not like anybody will even see them!  The wool on these bad boys is THICK! 

Then we fixed up these fleece longies I had been trying to make...only we measured wrong so the waist & cuffs aren't snug like we intended...again, they are PJs, so its no biggie!  

They're not really wonky, I just didn't feel like smoothing them out for the picture.

After that, Genia serged off the snaps on 3 onesies & a gown.

Throughout the day, Luke was playing with Buddy in the living room.  I had to nurse him at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and 4:30.  At 4:30 he finally laid down & took an hour long nap.  It was getting late in the day before we even started sewing a diaper.  I had the scrap from Glorimar w/ the Mr. Bubble print & embroidery all set & Genia had the perfect coordinating fabric.  We decided to use bamboo velour for the inner!
Genia made this diaper all by herself, trying to figure out the best way to construct the Rita's Rump Pocket pattern.  Unfortunately, she sewed the embroidery on the FRONT of the diaper, instead of the back, but it's ok.  We mostly use these around the house anyway & it CAN be put on backwards.

Luke and I had to go to church while Genia fixed the last 2 diapers up.  She also had to eat some dinner!

We had a good Vision Team meeting at church and made great plans for the coming months at The Gathering UMC.  

From there we went to Chic Fil A to grab some dinner for me and then headed back to Genia's to pick up the finished diapers!

Genia managed to finish the rainbow ooga booga diaper too!  It is lined with crushed velour & is SO divine in person!

Genia had also gotten several (I think I counted 10 or 12) diaper cuts cut out of some of her knits for me.  There is also the duplicate of the bamboo & print from the Mr. Bubble diaper.  I plan on cutting all of the diapers out & then sewing them up.  

So, it was a BUSY and productive day for me!  Genia taught me how to do the elastic & casing so I can make the diapers at home now.

Buddy helped Luke finish learning how to wave bye-bye!  It is so freaking adorable!  Luke also mastered kissing, complete with a nice "smack" and clapping!

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Melanie said...

Sounds like a GREAT day, Willis! I wanna play Sewing Day with Caro's Mimi, too! Next time, invite ME! Hehehe

Is Lucas coming with tomorrow to Bunco night? Who am I kidding, of course he is! So I'll get to see his new trix :)