Monday, July 19, 2010

Late Night

It's 12:45 am & I'm still up. I should be asleep.  

Tomorrow I start babysitting a beautiful little 18 month old girl.  I'll be watching her Monday-Friday from about 6 am until 4 pm.  So, my days are about to get very interesting!  It's a decent pay though & I'll enjoy having a play-mate for Lucas.  (Plus, any money I earn on my own helps when I'm justifying my cloth diapers/wool/birthday spending...not to mention Halloween & Christmas coming up!)

First I had to get all the dishes done & pick up the house!  We don't want the day-care family to see our house all kinds of dirty right?

So, this evening, since Tim & Luke went to bed I've finished up 2 loads of laundry & folded them.  Here's a "Diaperswappers style out-of-the-dryer-ready-to-go" collage.  Click to make it larger.  Bottom left--my diaper stash all clean & ready to use, only 3 diapers are dirty right now, one of which is on his bum.  Top left--first load of laundry, included some regular towels, a blanket, booby pads, wipes, and a lot of diapers.  Top right, 2nd load of laundry--just a few diapers, wipes, some clothes and crib linens.  Bottom right--out of the dryer pictures for both loads of laundry.  

I also heated up the yummy crab cakes I made for lunch & left over corn from Friday for myself for dinner.  For dessert I made myself a super delicious smoothie.  Strawberries & bananas again....

And, since Luke's room is all clean & fresh, I took pictures of his nursery the way it looks right now.  We'll be changing things around in about 2 weeks. 

I edited these pictures while I was pumping, so now it's time to head to bed!

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