Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Recap

We didn't get too much of anything done this weekend, but that's ok.

Saturday we slept in, then Tim got to work on the garage. I did sort out a bunch of baby clothes while I ate breakfast. (I managed to get $30 in store credit at Rock A Bye, yay!) I listed a bunch of stuff on Freecycle & then we took a nap!

After our nap, Tim went back to the garage while I showered, ate, and did some stuff on the computer. When I went to help him, he was rebuilding a stereo so we'd have some music. So, he hadn't gotten much actual work done out there. Then we had to go to Auto Zone to get some parts for said stereo & on the way back we were going to get Dairy Queen but Chrissy showed up with Miss Carolynn, so we headed back to the house to get her instead.

Tim went back to working in the garage and I took Caro to Wal-Mart. We got Caro some new shoes & an outfit & then we also got Tom's Dad's Day card, a movie for Tim, and some groceries. When we got home we got busy cooking a yummy dinner of fresh corn on the cob and steamed green beans, and grilled chicken. Carolynn was exhausted which made cooking dinner quite challenging. She ate and ate though, so that was good! After dinner we put her to bed and then followed pretty quickly after her.

Sunday we got up early...mostly thanks to Carolynn. We were up at 8 but still didn't leave the house until close to 10. I had to cut Tim's hair though & we had to feed, bathe, and clothe Carolynn. So, we got to church about 10:45 for the 11:15 service, so that was nice. We visited for a few minutes in the fellowship hall before taking our seats in the cry room. Carolynn was adorable and not fussy, even though church was during her normal nap time.

After church we went to Longhorn Steakhouse. I tried to tell Tim we should just go to Texas Roadhouse, where we know what we like & the prices are great....but NO, he wanted to try something new! So, lunch for the three of us was over $40 and Tim didn't even like his. Carolynn's food was good but she barely touched it and mine was yummy. Tim ended up finishing mine instead of his! The bread sucked and Tim's food was crummy. They gave us a $10 of a $30 purchase coupon to be used before July 19 (because it was Father's Day), which we left at Tom and Peggy's. We won't be going back!

After lunch, Chrissy still wasn't home, so we took Carolynn to Rock a Bye Baby and dropped off the box of clothing. They gave me the $30 credit (which is a rip off, that means I gave them $60 in baby clothes!) They only credit you 1/2 of what they can sell it for. I might try to find someplace else to donate. But, the $30 will come in handy I'm sure during the first year of Baby Goetsch's life! I'm sure we'll NEED something!

After that, we took Carolynn home and dropped her off. Then we headed to Tom and Peggy's. We spent most of the day being bored & staring at the t.v. which is their favorite pasttime. I went online for a while and then Tim and I headed to the "new" Babies R Us/Toys R Us. Within 2 minutes in the door I saw 3 things I wanted to add to the registry, so we went and got a scanner. We ended up adding over 20 items! Hee hee...

When we got back to Tom and Peggy's the decision had been made to order Mona Lisa's pizza. I do NOT like their pizza so I didn't eat. They also majorly screwed up the order but nobody called to complain. (I would have!)

Around about 7 o'clock Baby Goetsch decided to move back up into my rib cage (he had been up there for the first time that morning, during my shower) and began a full blown assault on my ribs and organs. It was the most active he's ever been & I was miserable. I was in agony! He literally kicked just about non-stop from 7-until 10 o'clock at night! UGH. I tried pushing on him, I tried stretching out, I tried laying on my side, NOTHING helped...I finally fell asleep around 10 & he righted himself during the night b/c he's not killing me this morning. Though he has been kicking...but he's back down low where I like him!

We came home and went straight to bed around 9ish....and that was that. I left my glasses at Tom and Peggy's so I'm homebound today. I can't safely drive w/o them. I plan on getting my shower & then getting to work on the garage/house. I MUST get this place straightened up so I can get day-care kids in here!

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