Friday, June 26, 2009

Cap & Trade Robbery

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So I don't normally take an active role in politics or anything of that nature, because well, ignorance is bliss! BUT, I couldn't help but see this online & then my Mom called about it too. She told me to call the congressman & tell him to vote no, but I didn't want to call & be un-educated, so I did some quick internet research. (The best kind, right?) I'm also listening to Boortz on the matter & he's got some good info too.

Check out this news article about cap and trade. Research the bill quickly. Supposedly it was “released” at 3 AM and they are supposed to vote on it TODAY. It has 1200+ pages.

A quick summary:
Here's how it's described as "The federal government will soon begin tapping into a huge new source of revenue by requiring companies to pay for the permission to emit so-called greenhouse gasses linked to global warming." While many details of the program remain unclear, the government's going to begin issuing permits by 2012. The basic outline is that "large sources of greenhouse gasses, such as electric utilities to purchase permits from the government for the gasses they emit, including carbon dioxide," which we exhale. We exhale it. It is part of us staying alive. It is going to be become a tax when it comes out of a smokestack. "A 'cap-and-trade system' would be created, under which the government would place a cap, or limit, on the total amount of greenhouse gasses that can be emitted. Companies that need to exceed their allotted level must buy offsetting permits from those that emit less." It's not a new idea. Trading pollution credits has been around for a while. This, however, is massive and has an ulterior motive.

Congress Person Information Can be found at: <--you’ll need your FULL 5+4 digit zip, there’s a link to the look up on this site.

When it forwards you to your congress man’s webpage, find their PHONE NUMBER and call them. They don’t have time to get your e-mail before the vote.

The next big thing to worry about:
Info about the “ObamaCare”

Tim and I put in our vote! You should too!

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