Thursday, June 4, 2009

Seriously Addicted to Sims 3

Yea, it's that awesome! I've been playing my game ever since I got it & I can't wait to get back on it tonight!

I took a sick day today--to "take care of my flat tire" but then couldn't really do anything because the dealership wanted $119 per tire for a tire that only costs $89 at the most! Only problem was the place that had the tire for $89 DOESN'T have any in stock! URG. So, now we have to replace my tires with less than perfect tires, which makes me cry.

I played Sims almots all day, I did eat in between, and I just turned it off at 3:10. I've gotten a shower, but haven't gotten dressed.

As soon as I'm dressed, I'm heading over to the dealership to see if they can just plug the tire & then I'm going to Wal-Mart for groceries!

(I have 2 free coupons to Arby's, so I think that's going to be dinner tonight!)

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