Friday, June 12, 2009

I will be back...

I will be back with a normal post, soon, I promise.

Really quick update on Baby G...I can feel "him" kicking ALL THE TIME now! Yay! Still nothing strong enough for Tim to feel on the outside, but I am getting little surprise kicks all throughout my day & night! Yay! (They started on Saturday)

Update on the pregnancy--MORNING SICKNESS is back. WTF? I have been exhausted & unable to eat meat (even though I'm HUNGRY & try) for about 4-5 days now. Naps have been my buddy.

Our AC went out Friday & so we are freaking BOILING over here. We have 2 window units & 2 fans & they are BARELY keeping it under 80* in this house. Poor puppies w/ their fur coats!

I'm off to nap!

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Andrea said...

Ugh sorry to hear about the return of the m/s and the lack of a/c. ((hugs)) But I had to giggle at you calling your baby "him" lol. I do that too.