Friday, June 19, 2009

It's a Boy!

Sunday June 14- Tim's birthday

We slept in, putzed around the house, made Tim's cake, and then went to Tom and Peggy's around 1:45. We stayed there until about bed time and then headed home.
Monday June 15- 1/2 Day at School
I got everything done at school and completely ready to go. I had to hang around the school b/c Tim was coming after work to pick up my stuff. I mostly just read Harry Potter and hung out with my friends. After Tim picked me up we headed home, unloaded my stuff, and watched King Kong. (Wazowski had gotten sick in his cage & then puked several times over the course of a couple hours, so we were quite worried about him & almost took him to an Emergency Vet.)
Tuesday June 16- 1/4 Day at School, Last Day
Since everything at school was done and most of the kids already had their report cards, only 5 kids showed up. I had to take a child to the office for stealing. I hung out with Ms. Walters in her room, helping her do stuff on her computer. After the kids left, I read Harry Potter until the noon staff meeting. As soon as that was over I headed out. When I got home, Tim was here with the AC guys. We ate lunch and Tim continued to work. I finished watching King Kong, Tim gave up on it! He decided around 1 that he wasn't going back to work, so I took Rosie with me and took the AC unit back to R.S. Andrews.

Then, I came home and we waited for the AC guys to finish. We took the dogs for a walk but it was a bit much for me, so Tim ended up w/ both dogs before the walk was over. There's definitely a reason pregnant women feels SO much better on the spreading hips/ligaments!
I had to lay down after that, so Tim went out and got water by himself. I don't remember what we did that night because I wasn't feeling so well.
Wednesday June 17- Ultrasound Day!

Baby Goetsch's Profile

Baby Goetsch's adorable little face...who's chin do YOU think he has? (That white spot over his left eye/nose is his foot!)

Baby Goetsch's BUSINESS! His left leg is going along the bottom of the screen & you can kind of see his foot.
We had to get up early in order to get out of the house on time for my ultrasound. We were taken in almost as soon as we got there! It was a different ultrasound tech and she really hurt me! She was pushing SUPER hard on the wand and I actually have a bruise across my entire uterus from it. We both enjoyed the time we got to spend watching our beautiful baby boy! He was head down, near my cervix, with his feet and hands over his head. He was playing with his toes and waving his arms for us. It was amazing. We got 4 pictures to keep, but one of them looks a little alien, so I'm not going to upload it! The baby weighs an estimated 12 oz. and had a heartrate of 140 bpm.
After the US we had our regular visit w/ Dr. Morgan. He checked me for yeast & I do indeed have a yeast infection, so I got antibiotics for that, yay! He also said that my weight gain or lack there-of is just fine & that as long as Baby G is growing there's nothing to worry about. I weighed 189.5 at the appt. and I started this pregnancy at 191. Everything else was A-OK and we go back in a month.
After we left the doctor's we headed to Chic Fil A for a quick breakfast. We ate and then headed out to see Peggy at work. We showed off the pictures and my lack of a bump to all her co-workers and then headed home.
At home we loaded the futon, AC unit, stroller, diaper bag, and car seat into the truck and headed to VB. We dropped Chrissy's stuff off to her and picked up Carolynn.
Then we headed to Child Space/Baby USA to look for furniture. I'll upload a picture of the crib/dresser we picked out. It is only $550 for both pieces. (We'd be getting the 3 drawer changer dresser.)
We ate lunch at Arby's. All three of us shared a large combo!

After we left there we headed to Chesapeake to go to Lowe's. We wanted to look for a boy themed ceiling fan. We didn't find ANY though! We did look at garden fences (to go around the new AC unit) and paint.

When we left there we headed out to Rite Aid to pick up my prescription and to the bank to deposit a couple checks. From there we headed to Target. We were running out of time and were determined to buy something for the baby boy! So, we searched and searched and finally bought a 12 bin toy organizer. I'll use it for cloth diapers until the baby gets too big and starts messing with it! Then we'll use it for his toys! Carolynn and I shared a pretzel and then we headed home.
(The colors really match our nursery!)
At home we grabbed the stuff we needed for dinner and then we headed to James and Missy's house. We spent the rest of the evening hanging out with them. Around 9ish, we headed home. Carolynn fell asleep in the car and so we all went straight to bed when we got home.
Thursday June 18-

Carolynn and I got up around 8:30ish and had big plans for running around. As I was getting ready to put Caro in the tub, I realized Tim had the car seat and therefore we were stuck in the house. Grand. So, we spent the day getting housework done (Caro napped) and relaxing. I got A LOT of housework done & was SUPER sore and tired from it.

When Tim got home he was upset b/c he had gotten a call during his ride home that he had a huge report due at 10 am that they JUST decided needed done. So he worked until almost 8 last night, completely ignoring Caro & I, trying to get that done. He did patty some hamburger meat for me. I cooked dinner before 8 and we had hamburgers, beef gravy, corn, and baked potatoes for dinner. It was good and we all ate well. After dinner we played with Carolynn while I cleaned the kitchen back up and then Chrissy showed up around 9 to get her.

After Caro left, Tim and I headed to bed.

Friday June 19-

Tim got up at 5 this morning for work & I got up w/ him. I made him some coffee and packed his lunch. I couldn't get right back to sleep so I read until about 6:30...then I slept until 8:45. I've been up, putzing on my computer, eating, and tending to laundry & dishes since then. I'm about to go shower & then head downtown to hand in my badge & resignation.

I might also go walk around Target or Babies R Us, but it depends on whether or not Tim gets off early.

Upcoming Plans:
Sunday-Church & Tim's parents for Dad's Day
Tuesday- NONE (Mel you don't need me to babysit anymore? right?)
Wednesday-Cloth Diaper Meet Up at Soft Cloth Bunz @ 2:00
Saturday- NONE

WOW--it feels good to be summer!

In other news, one of the guys Tim works with offered to GIVE us his son's bedroom furniture. It's a complete set (bed, dresser, & desk) that his son used through age 18.

We've decided how we're going to paint the nursery as well and we may buy the paint soon.

The paint scheme is going to be straight from the fabric. I made this ^ in paint. We are going to do the stripes just like they are on the fabric. Then a bold red "chair rail" and then the "blue jean" color on the bottom. We will have bright white trim and the carpet is hunter green. We are going to put in a chalk board using chalk board paint. I want to get "vintage" ABC flash cards to put around the ceiling in a simple frame as a "border". I will hand paint (with white) the ABCs on the top of the chalk board. I am going to hand paint a few canvases with images from our fabric. Mom is going to help me make curtains from the fabric too.


Jo said...

How fun! I can't believe you're halfway through - it seems like just yesterday you announced you were pregnant!

That toy sorter thing is cute - I need to start thinking about that soon.

blueviolet said...

I'm back and it's so exciting to see your ultrasound on the first day I visit you! This is all so wonderful.
My url and feed are different so you'll need to change button codes and refollow, etc. but otherwise it looks the same. :)

Congrats on that cute little guy you're carrying around!

Chicke3 said...

Congrats! My best friend has a toy sorter like that for her daughter and loves it! Happy Fathers day to Tim!

Heidi said...

Congrats on the boy!! That's really exciting!

Chloe and Jacob have the very same toy sorter... I love it! Makes it easy when Jacob has to clean his room to throw all the toy in their buckets.

Smellyann said...

Well, I'm thrilled you're so excited about it being a boy. That's wonderful! He looks so cute. Did you turn in your resignation, then? How did that feel? Do you have any kids lined up yet?

You're right, Linda is watching the kids Tuesday, so I don't need you. Thanks.!