Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Update Time--Lots of Pics!

OK, Blogger is being dumb since I installed IE 8, so pictures are going at the top today.

Here's the tees, socks, and Gerber prefolds I dyed today, soaking:
Here's the "tropical green" and "jeans blue" GMD periwinkle edged prefolds I dyed today soaking. (Green are rinse soaking & blue are dye soaking.) This is the super cool light fixture Tim installed Friday night next to the sky-light. We always said we were going to put one in & now we did! Yay!

This is what my living room looks like right now. It's a disaster! This is part of the work-in-progress that is getting the house ready for the baby/day-care.

Here are the first batch of diapers/tees that I dyed. The tees were "left over" dye and they didn't turn out very dark at all. They are definitely YELLOW and not white anymore, just very faint yellow. (Which is totally fine in my book.)

Here's just the diapers. I think they came out nicely!

Here are the pictures I shared of the nursery.
Up first is the "big kids" side of the closet. Most of the stuff in there will be heading to the garage for storage. Carolynn, Grayson, and Spencer's clothes will be relocated to the office/guest room closet.

This is the way cool fan that took Tim almost a whole day to install. Isn't it awesome?

This is Baby G's side of the closet. You can see all of his clothes!

Here's the extra pack n plays next to the guest bed:
The guest bed:

The pack n play we use right now, holding 2 car seat bases, the Safe Seat, and the swing for Baby G.
The toy part of the room (Baby toys are out, Big Kid toys are in the chest.)

Saturday June 27-

Tim got up early & headed to the car dealership. They were going to take all day to do his inspection & oil change, so I headed over to get him & then we went to Lowe's to buy stuff for the fan install in Baby G's room.

Let's see...I spent the day getting stuff done around the house & on the computer. Tim spent the day installing the fan in Baby G's room. It's looks awesome! I went grocery shopping in the afternoon & then made homemade pizza for dinner.

We ate quickly and then drove out to Harbourview to see Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. We really enjoyed it. I only had to run to the potty one time, so that was good!
When we got home it was bed time.
Sunday June 28-
We got up and got pretty much straight to work on the garage. It looked like it might rain so we had to work hard and fast. I listed more than 10 items on Freecycle and we really got a lot done. We spent the entire day from about 10-6:30 getting the garage clean. We only left to go pick up Tim's truck.

When we were done with the garage (mostly done, there are several boxes to come inside, several I need to repack, and a large amount of trash that needs taken to the dump) we decided to grill some cheap steaks for dinner.
So, Tim set to doing that & I made giant baked potatoes. We ate dinner while watching "Night at the Museum" and went to bed before 9 pm!
Monday June 29-
I was a super busy girlie! (Once I finally got moving!)
I had a lazy morning. Baby G woke me up at 4...I've been getting up at 4 for water & to potty pretty much every night for more than a week.. BUT, he didn't want me to go back to sleep. No matter what position I layed in, it was like he was doing jumping jacks in there! I couldn't sleep w/ the constant kicking & so my mind wandered until after 5...then I finally went to sleep & Tim's alarm went off at 6! So, I stayed in bed until 9 & spent the first two awake hours of my day, playing on the computer.
Then, I got to work!

I've gotten my bedroom completely clean (bed made, vacuumed, straightened the closet, dresser, and my craft table). I also got the bathroom swept out & all of the trash taken out of there. I also re-organized the medicine cabinets & stashes around the house, tossed old prescriptions & stuff. I realized I had 3 kinds of meds. in a box under the counter that I JUST bought new of b/c I thought we were out. I hate that!

Poor Tim's sick & needed meds & we didn't have any (so I thought) because I can't/won't take much so I haven't been keeping our "household pharmacy" well stocked! Now, all of our meds Rx & OTC & vitamins too, fit into ONE medicine cabinet! hee hee...
Let's see...I also straightened up the kitchen & got the dishwasher finished loading. (With another FULL load of dishes piled into the sink.) I gathered up dirty laundry (from all over the house) & made a heap in the back of the kitchen b/c we have to drive to VB to Tom and Peggy's house to get the detergent! Yay! (She can shop at the commissary & they carry 7th Gen!) So, I'll do laundry all day Wednesday!

I also ate some breakfast, somewhere before 1:30!
After all that I took a short break and then got back to work:

I got the nursery clean & redid my pics over the show-off thread on Diaperswappers.

I got the laundry folded.

I emptied & reloaded the dishwasher.

I went to the post-office & mailed the Goodmama I traded for a diaper for Baby G. (I also got a price quote on shipping another diaper & had them weigh my prefolds.)

I hand-washed all the non-dishwasher stuff.

I dyed 3 prefolds yellow & started dying 3 t-shirts too. I'm hoping to do one more batch tonight w/ red! (Periwinkle prefolds weigh 3 oz. each, just so you know.)

Tim and I went to Arby's for dinner b/c we had a coupon! We got 5 roast beef sandwiches, a large soda, and a med. fry for less than $10! It was great! (Plus I didn't have to mess up my freshly cleaned kitchen!)

And, we went to Hancock Fabrics & bought "tropical green", "jeans blue", and "burnt orange" dyes. (I already had "sunflower yellow" and "poppy red".) I'm hoping to get most of the periwinkles dyed & then embellished this week. I'm finally nesting!

I finished dying the three yellow tees. I got them rinsed & washed (along w/ the 3 diaps) and even into the dryer. The diapers are GORGEOUS! The tees are like BARELY yellow.

So, I started the poppy red diapers too, I only did 2 of them this time. (I wanted a really rich color.) Those diapers turned out AWESOME too! I only got them dyed & rinsed. I moved the dye into a bowl & set one tee and a pair of socks up to soak in the dye. Then I put the prefolds in the wash and went to bed.

Tuesday June 30-

I woke up at 4 am, completely unable to sleep. (It is nice to be routine/expected....but I don't like not being able to get right back to sleep.)

I spent more than an hour laying there trying to fall asleep. I finally got to sleep sometime before 6. I woke up around 9 on my own.

Since then I've gotten the red tee and socks soaking in cold water to rinse since I don't have any detergent I can't wash them yet. I've dyed the green, blue, & orange prefolds and have tees & socks soaking in each color. Now I'm on a hunt to find somewhere close by that has free & clear HE 7th Gen. detergent so I can wash them. Then I'm going to shower, possibly go out & get detergent, and get the office done.

Today's agenda includes a major over-haul of the office.

Tim thinks I'm silly. I demanded that the garage get done this weekend (even though it threatened to rain all day) and we got it almost done.

Now, the living room looks like a hurricane hit it. My school stuff takes up literally 1/2 the room & it's sloppy. There's also "stuff" to go to like 5 different places, mail, books, movies, blankets, and more just around in there.

BUT, I think the office should be the next room to get clean (since the bathrooms, nursery, and my room are done & the kitchen is as good as it's getting).

My rationale is: once the office is clean I can get my school stuff set up in here. Most of that stuff is going to go either in my "scrapbooking/arts & crafts area" or in the "office/guest room".

Once the office is clean we can also move the guest bed out of the baby's room.

THEN, we can move the stuff in the baby's room that needs to go to storage OUT to the garage.

THEN, I can finish the living room.

THEN, we can spend another day re-cleaning & finalizing the garage.

Sounds like an organized plan of attack right? I'm hoping to get it all done by this weekend. Tim is off Friday and we have no plans. We're broke, so I'm babysitting Grayson & Spencer & we aren't spending any money.

$94 of what I make this weekend is going to pay off library fines & the rest MIGHT get my car detailed. We really need to start using my car 100% of the time & only driving the truck (19 mpg) when we need the big vehicle. BUT, my car is pretty yucky (hasn't even been washed in a year!) and Tim hates driving it! So if I spend $60 to get it spiffed up, hopefully he'll drive it & not complain.

What are YOU doing for the 4th of July?

Wednesday July 1-Housework
Thursday July 2-Housework
Friday July 3-Tim's off, Housework & Boys
Saturday July 4-Housework & Boys & Church & Maybe Fireworks
Sunday July 5-Church & Housework

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