Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Diapers!

Today was the "Cloth Diaper Swap" at Soft Cloth Bunz a real, live, brick and mortar cloth diaper store in Virginia Beach!

I didn't do much of anything before the swap & I barely managed to get there on time. I was armed with all of my girly diapers and $60.

I managed to get some new diapers for the baby boy, including a Nanipoo, 2 Mutts, 2 Thirsties covers, and a WAHM All-In-One! Yay! And I got rid of the bright blue Goodmama that I wasn't loving & a wrap that I had in my Free-For-Shipping pile!

When I got home, I listed the rest of the diapers on Diaperswappers. Two of the thirsties covers that I had to sell, sold in a record 2 minutes! So, 2 covers that I got off of Freecycle brought in $14 on DS! Yay! So, now I have some paypal when I am ready to get some diapers! Yay!

When Tim got home we had to run to Zoot's to pick up his suit. He dropped it off on March 18! They called today & said he had 24 hours to get it or they were donating it to Goodwill! (No Way Jose!)

Then after that, Tim decided to be "bad" and go to Olive Garden. We just got soup & salad so it wasn't too expensive, but we've really been trying to save money.

I wasn't quite ready to go home yet after dinner, so we went to Home Depot. They had fancy fans for the baby's room & we found a cool one we loved! It has stars & a rocket on each blade & then the globe for the light looks like the Earth! It is so cool & will fit w/ our theme well!
We also purchased the track lighting that we said 2 years ago we were going to put into the kitchen & then Tim is going to move the kitchen ceiling fan into our bedroom. So we'll have fans in the back of the house! Yay! (We're going to try going AC-less when the weather starts to change.)
So, now I'll load up some pictures of my "new" diapers!

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Smellyann said...

Awesome, Willis, sounds like a great day!