Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunday Update

Friday June 5-
I don’t remember how work went that day, but I know I wanted to leave straight away at 3:00 and needed Terrell to drop the boys off on time. He got there at 3:10 (luckily I hadn’t left yet!) and I headed home.

When I got home, the house was over 90*. Tim spent a bit of time trying to find out what was wrong with the AC. We came to the conclusion that it was shot when smoke poured out of it! We got on the phones to my Dad and a couple AC companies and made an appointment for a salesman from R.S. Andrews to come out on Saturday.

Then we got the boys dressed and ready to go out. We took them to McDonald’s for dinner because it was too hot to do ANYTHING in our house! We got dinner for 3 off of the dollar menu for a total of less than $12, it was nice!

After dinner we took a short drive and both boys fell asleep, as desired.
When we got home, we set them up in the nursery & played Sims 3 together until Lindsey showed up to get the boys. Then we headed to bed.

Saturday June 6-
We got up and got moving, rather slowly considering all we needed to get done. We eventually got out of the house and went to Navy Federal to discuss financing our new AC system. We had been quoted anywhere from $5,000-10,000 so we were quite worried about how to pay for it all! We talked about a few options and chose the best one & then left.

We headed to Sonic for a quick lunch and then to Lowe’s to buy a couple fans. When we got home we had about 15 minutes to clean up before the salesman got there. He was really nice and went through everything with us. We found out he attends our church & his company has a program where the church can get a 5% kickback from our purchase. We were pretty sure we were going to go with him just for that reason. Then he threw in a window AC unit for us to borrow & took $100 off the total.

When he left we headed straight out to Relay for Life in Virginia Beach. We were late to the Survivor’s Reception but Tom, Peggy, Beth, Loren, and his girlfriend were all still there. We ate with them and then headed out to their site. I was pooped even before we left the house and I was more so after walking around the track! Last year’s experience was SO much different from this year’s. I mostly sat. Tim did a few laps with his dad. Loren showed off a lot. Chrissy called while we were there and asked us to babysit Carolynn so we left around 9:00 to go pick her up.
She fell asleep on the ride home and when we got home we set her up in the nursery and then went to bed ourselves.

Sunday June 7-
Tim had to run sound at the 8:30 service at church, so he was up and out quite early. Carolynn woke up as soon as he left and so I played with her in bed for a while. When I was ready to get moving I got her some oatmeal and we played on the computer while she ate. She’s adorable and I love her to bits and pieces!

I got her a bath and dressed all adorable and took a few pictures of her. We mostly just bummed around until Tim got home from church. Then, she and I went outside for a little bit before she got SUPER cranky & tired and we had to rush to get her to a nap. She cried for a little bit (like 2-3 minutes total) and it broke my heart. She eventually fell asleep and slept until like 2:00!
While she was napping Tim and I got some housework done & bummed around. I know we ate lunch, but I’m not sure what. Oh yea, we took a nap too.
When Chrissy showed up, Caro had only been awake maybe 15 minutes. Chrissy gathered her up and headed out pretty quickly.

After Chrissy and Caro left we went and took a nice long nap together. I think we got up at supper time!

I don’t remember anything else about last Sunday, so that must have been it!

Monday June 8-
Monday was a normal work day. I called Norfolk Air Heating and Cooling on the recommendation of several of Tim’s co-workers and made an appointment for them to come out that evening. After work I headed to Girl Scout Council to buy the patches for our Awards Party. I spent $115 on badges and patches! Crazy! Anyway, the girls all earned A LOT of stuff this year & I thought it was a good spread. When I got home, Bobby was already here going over things with Tim. We spent quite a bit of time with him going over everything. We decided after he left that we’d go with his company instead. They came in $600 cheaper and can get the job done within a week of payment instead of within 3-4 weeks. I need my AC back!
I can’t remember what we did that night, if anything.

Tuesday June 9-
School was ok. I had some kids get into a scuffle & ended up writing a couple referrals first thing in the morning. It was Career Day which threw off our rehearsal for promotion. We had an assembly, a guest speaker, and then another assembly for the boys. I taught Family Life to the girls during the boys’ 2nd assembly. After that we didn’t do anything until lunch. After lunch we had another rehearsal. Mrs. White fussed at me about grades being due, even though they weren’t. She told me I HAD to get them in that day. I KNEW for a fact that they weren’t due until Friday, but whatevs, I put them in that night.

So, I spent the entire school day getting the final details done for promotion & then working on my grades. I spent the entire afternoon getting both of those ready & preparing for Girl Scouts as well.

Tim came to the school & picked up a bunch of my junk that needed to go home & helped me get ready some too. When the Girl Scouts started showing up he scooted out. The “ceremony” was a joke, I had no ribbon, no hot glue guns, and nothing to do for a ceremony. I blamed it on the pregnancy & the end of the school year & it was over. Girl Scouts ended at 7:15 and then I did grades until about 8:00. I headed home after that and pretty much went straight to bed.

Wednesday June 10-
Promotion Day at school! The ceremony was nice, I was nervous as all get out. Mrs. White complimented me a great deal & really said it was nice. There was some drama with the PTA mom but oh well, it’s over now. I only had 4 students stay afterwards, which was nice b/c we could pretty much just bum around.

Mrs. Whitley went out to a Japanese restaurant and got us some lunch…I had shrimp fried rice & it was YUMMY!

We pretty much just let our kids hang out together all day and then after school I got out of there. I came home and took a nap for the rest of the evening. I was pooped, I should have KNOWN I’d have been pooped but Tim ended up telling me I couldn’t go to Bunco, even though I really wanted to. He could see it in my eyes that I was nowhere up to being able to drive. So, I didn’t eat the dinner he cooked (darn MS) and went back to bed.

Thursday June 11-
I had 8 kids show up in school. It really urked my nerves. They aren’t supposed to come back after promotion. Promotion means it’s OVER. Duh!
Anyway, I couldn’t really get a lot done with them in there, so I let them watch a movie on the closed circuit. It was the first half day of the week.

After the kids left, Ms. Moose, Ms. Clark, and I all went to Applebee’s. Our “quick” lunch turned into a 2 hour lunch complete w/ dessert! I was STUFFED.

When we got back to school I got to work big time on getting stuff done. I got SO much work done before I left at 3:30 and it felt good!

When I got home, I went to sleep again. We had eggs and bacon for dinner. I could only eat the eggs. Then I went back to sleep.

Friday June 12-
Another 8 kids showed up at school, so I had to put them to work. We got 95% of the work done in the classroom & it was GREAT. I did let them watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua which was dumb. They watched that in Mrs. Whitley’s room while I took care of phone calls to Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits, and my doctor. I am trying to figure out if I am going to take a year’s unpaid leave of absence or just resign. Lovely.

I managed to get all of my work done by 1:00 and there are only 3 things on my to-do list. Yay! (Do you want to hear what they are? You do, ok. 1. Box up binders & teacher books. 2. Put posters that I’m keeping back into the poster bag. 3. Print out quarterly score reports & file those w/ report cards into the CUM folders.) Yep, that’s it! So, I took 2 hours of leave and headed home.

I managed to get about an hour and 15 minutes of napping in before Terrell showed up with the boys. I made them both lay down with me for another 45 minutes. Grayson never fell asleep but Spencer was out pretty quickly and napped until Amanda got there at a quarter to 6.
Amanda came and got the boys and Tim cleaned up the kitchen. Then we played on our computers & I napped. Then we decided around 8:30 that we were going to go out to dinner. So off to I-Hop we went. We ate and then came home and went straight to bed.

Saturday June 13-
So far, I have done nothing. I’m not dressed or showered and have no plans to do anything but go to the grocery store & return our borrowed AC unit from R.S. Andrews. We were maybe going to go to the beach w/ Chrissy but she decided to go to the pool instead & we’d have to pay to use the pool, so we’re staying home. I think we’re going to work on the garage, clean house, and eat shish-ka-bobs. Tomorrow is Tim’s 27th birthday!

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