Thursday, June 25, 2009

Holy Wowzer....

I think I need to stop buying Newborn/Small diapers! I just inventoried what I have for Baby G:

Prefolds (103 total):
Preemie- 1 GMD, 1 mom-made, 24 coming new
Infant-2 mom-made, 3 Orange, 18 Periwinkle, 24 Orange coming new
Small-2 Bamboo, 1 mom-made, 3 Green, 24 Yellow coming new

Fitteds (11 in hand/20 total w/ customs):
6 NB Nanipoos (with 9 more in a custom)
2 NB Mutts
3 Soggy Bottom Baby Smalls

Covers (5 total +11 pairs of fleece pants):
NB Prowrap
Generic Pull On
2 XS Thirsties
Small BSWW
Old Navy Fleece Pants- 2 sz. 0-3 mos, 2 sz. 3-6mos, 2 sz. 6-12 mos
Carter's Fleece Pants- 3 mos, 6 mos
Wal-Mart Fleece Pants-2 Preemie
Generic Fleece Pants- 3-6 mos.
I plan on getting some wool longies made & getting more fleece pants.

Sized AIOs (7 total):
3 NB (Nicker Nappies or WAHM)
1 S Rumpster
1 XS VB Hybrid
2 S Little Bee Creations

One Size AIOs (3 total):
2 Mommy's Touch
1 BG

For a GRAND total of: 133 DIAPERS! For one kid! Who is going to grow like a weed!

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