Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Thousand Words

The photo I'll be using as my prompt is called "Rainy Day in Rotterdam."

It was my Golden Birthday. I was turning 25 on the 25th of September.
I woke up, feeling glum and downtrodden. I slowly got dressed and gathered my things for work. I kissed Tim goodbye and he left, early enough to be on time to work. I continued to gather the materials I would need for the day. I packed scrapbooking supplies, to make baby shower cards for a friend of mine and a co-worker. I packed my hairbrush and all of my school papers. Once I had everything gathered up and waiting on the couch. I let the dogs in. That’s when I saw the rain and the mud. Wazowski and Rosie both came into the house, covered from head to toe, and I yelled and fussed at them to stay down. I quickly got Rosie into her crate and grabbed my many bags. I ran to the car and stuffed all of the stuff into the back seat. Then I pulled out of the driveway and headed to work, thinking, that I would definitely be late.
I drove fast but carefully. I didn’t exceed the speed limits. Not with that much rain and fog, I wouldn’t have been able to see. I got down Military Highway and onto I-464. I crossed the Berkley Bridge, which I considered to be the “hard part.” Then I slowed down and made my way into the right lane, preparing to exit the highway. The thought actually crossed my mind that a car accident would be a valid excuse for being as late as I was sure to be. I checked my mirrors and gauges and when I looked up, realized I needed to stop, NOW! Without thinking too much, I slammed the clutch and the brake to the floor. I had both hands on the steering wheel. The car jerked one way and then the other; I steered towards the guard rail, hoping to get off the road before I hit anyone. My car slid, the breaks wouldn’t catch. I was hydroplaning and I knew it. As I realized I wouldn’t make it, I braced myself for the impact.
I slammed into the rear passenger corner of the Honda in front of me. I grabbed the parking break, and pulled it into place, stopping my still sliding car. I turned the ignition off and reached, sobbing, to the floor for my cellular phone. I picked it up and hit speed dial in one motion. When Tim’s voice came through the phone, I panted out, “Car accident, Ballentine Blvd, on the highway, please come.” I don’t remember his reply, but he told me to call 911 and to try to calm down. I made the necessary call, gave them the location, and hung up. While I was on the phone with Tim or maybe the 911 Operator, the driver I hit got out of her car, looked at her damages and waved her arms while yelling in my direction. It was pouring. I wasn’t getting out of my car. The sky was near black with the storm clouds and I didn’t have an umbrella or anything. My purse was dumped on the floor and I hurt. I called my parents next, still crying. My mother answered the phone and I asked for my Dad. He came on the phone, half asleep, but perking up when he realized it was me and what had happened. He calmed me and assured me that it was okay, my car was replaceable, and asked if I was okay. I assessed myself quickly, all of my body parts were working, I didn’t even think I hit anything in the car. Once he was sure I was ok, he told me to get off the phone and wait for the police.
First a roadside assistance truck showed up, then the police. Later, Tim showed up. After receiving a ticket, for “following too closely”, I was released to go. I unloaded all of my important possessions from my car and piled them into Tim’s truck. I was soaked. I climbed into the truck and changed into a sweater I had pulled out of my trunk. Tim helped me into the truck and then got me off of the highway.
Our first stop was my school. I had called them at some point and let them know I was in a car accident. I wanted to make sure that there were plans for my sub to follow and let my kids know I was ok.
After we left the school, we both started making the necessary phone calls. I called the insurance company, while Tim called the Toyota Collision Center. Before we knew it, we were in Virginia Beach. While we were on the phone, my left arm and hand started to swell.
Tim decided that I should go to the Urgent Care Center and have it checked out. It was STILL raining. The Urgent Care doctor explained that the swelling was a typical ‘whip lash’ type injury and that it would go away. She then began to poke and prod at my entire body. She poked me in the belly and it made me cry out in pain. Apparently I had an injury I didn’t even realize I had. She poked at it some more and then explained that it felt like I had injured a rib or maybe my liver. Because I’m so fluffy she couldn’t tell which one it was. She warned us to keep an eye on it and let us go.
We stopped by Tim’s parents’ house to use the computer and then we headed to Town Center for lunch. We parked the truck on the 9th floor and rode the elevator down to the ground level. Then, both armed with umbrellas, we made our way outside. We ran across the street and jumped puddles all the way to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, but they weren’t open. Then we had to go back out in the rain to get to P.F. Chang’s. They were open and it was nice and warm inside too! We were both soaked. Our umbrellas turned inside out and we were freezing. My leather shoes were sopping wet and my ankles were black from the dye in the shoes. I used the restroom and brushed out my tangled, wet hair. Then we ate our lunch. It was okay.
After lunch, we headed home, in the rain. I slept the whole way home and then slept the rest of the day as well. It was an AWFUL, rainy day. Happy Birthday to me!

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Angel said...

What a sad tale!