Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CD 16

Well, so far no good. It's been 2 days of "high fertility" predictions on my chart & negative OPKs. (ovulation predictor kit tests) So, I haven't Oed yet. I'm still hopefully & we're still going to TRY at least every other day. It's actually been a lot more fun with a goal. I guess I'm the old fashioned kind of girl who sees sex as something that serves a purpose & I enjoy it a lot more when I'm actually doing it, for that purpose.

I've been OBSESSED with Eclipse, book 3 of the Twilight series, these past couple of days. I had to borrow it from the library (on CD) b/c we can't afford to buy it right now and it SUCKS. The reader is so SLOW...and it takes 19 hours to listen to the entire book! I can read the book cover to cover myself in less than 10! Oh well. I have to listen to Breaking Dawn as well. I'm going to start it tonight. I think I am falling for Edward but shh...don't tell Tim! I just wish I could have a love that is so easy and perfect. Don't get me wrong Tim is right for me in every way, it's just not that EASY.

School sucks. I hate my job. I know, I've said it before, but I do. I don't get any enjoyment out of teaching. I don't like my coworkers. I hate the politics and rules we have to follow. For example, at our Science Lead Teacher meeting, one of the teachers shared a 24 page Science Fair Project Journal that she gives her students. She wanted to make a digital copy available to all of the other Science Leads, so we could adapt it to meet our school's needs. She has to request PERMISSION from DOWNTOWN in order to SHARE something SHE CREATED HERSELF! WTF! If its worth-while we'll go through it & figure it out for ourselves! If its not, we'll dump it! BUT NO, we can't even SEE it until it gets approved! How does that help the children? A couple of the teachers in my building like to hoard materials. They don't and won't share. I don't understand that mentality. If we all shared our materials, wouldn't the kids be better off? They'd get the benefit of MORE materials! I don't have the energy to get into it all tonight, but lots of CRAPPY stuff happens at my work.

My good friend, the art teacher, who is due Thanksgiving Day weekend, went into preterm labor last week. She is at home on bed rest for the next 2 1/2 weeks until the baby is considered "full term". She is going to run out of sick leave & FMLA before she wanted to be back at work & I'm sorry for her. I am going to be making a diaper cake with all of my gifts for her baby shower. I'm pretty excited.

So far I've gotten her: 2 sets of WAHM made breast pads, an amber teething necklace from Inspired By Finn on Hyenacart, 2 baby outfits, an organic cotton baby hat, a plastic rattle, a wooden organic rattle, a 4 pack of receiving blankets (which mom is crocheting edges on), a tie dyed onesie from a WAHM and a Low-Water-Immersion dyed prefold, which I am going to send to Mom to put an edge on. I need to buy a pattern & get it to Melanie, so she can make me at least 1 baby hat for the little guy. I am also working on a custom order with a mama on DS for a little satin/minkee lovey. I love buying baby gifts! I can't wait until I have my own little baby on the way.

I recently bought myself 2 bumper stickers....they are Twilight themed. One says "Be Safe" and the other says "Bite Me". Yep. Love it! I also got my McCain Palin sticker to tape in the darn rental. Hopefully I get my car back by the quote 28th, so I can have it on there for a little while, before the election.

I have no plans for Halloween, how sad is that? What should we do?

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