Friday, October 17, 2008

Grayson's Not Afraid...

Well, a while back, when Amanda was over & we had Grayson & Wazowski here....Wazowski trampled Grayson. He never stepped on him, but he was racing through the house & jumping over Grayson where he lay screaming on the hallway floor. Grayson has been SLOWLY getting over his fear of dogs since then. (He wasn't afraid of the dogs before that--but that made him scared of Zowski.)

Well, I can now announce, that the G-Man is no longer afraid of dogs. Here he is playing with both puppies...taking that toy from them & then throwing it across the living room for them to fetch. (He can throw it about 4 feet.) He said, "Down!" "Drotsch it!" (drop) "No!" "Stop Doggie!" Here he is playing with Rosie's paws...while they were all relaxing!
Here he is giving Zowski a hug. He was all about the hugs last night...he hugged me, Tim, & both dogs, all night long!
Here he is playing dog on the floor. He wouldn't bark or anything, but he was crawling around & panting like the dogs.

Yay for overcoming fears! His Mom is terribly afraid & Dad "doesn't like" the dogs--so hopefully we can have a small part in helping make sure he doesn't develop an irrational fear.

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