Friday, October 10, 2008


Bunco Day!
This day started out cruddy and only got worse. I can't remember really anything about the school day. I just know I felt like CRAP. After work I went straight to Greenbrier Mall. I got the rest of the Bunco prizes at Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candle. By the time I left the mall, I had a migraine headache. I rushed home & got started on the housework. Tim and I barely got it all done in time. Missy & Amanda ended up helping me get the decorations put up and everything 100% ready. Melanie was in a funky mood & Tabitha was having Morning Sickness. I had a migraine. It was AWFUL. Amanda, Missy, and Hannah (who's 11) were all subs. We also had a ghost. That only left 8 regular players & 3 of us were in crap-tast-ical moods. So, yea, Bunco overall sucked. Around about 8:15, my stomach finally gave out and I ended up in the bathroom for the rest of Bunco. Mandy came back a little while later and let me know that everyone was ready to call it a night (20 minutes early) :( I went out and did the prizes. A lot of the ladies (if not all of them) helped clean up the kitchen. Once everyone was on their way home, Amanda gave me a shot of my migraine medicine. I passed out shortly after that. Tim came home but I was too tired to really notice.

Thursday was fine. I don't think anything amazing happened.
I had meetings starting as soon as I got to work. They were pretty awful. The rest of the school day seems pretty blank to me. The kids were bad. I stayed after work until after 5:00. I got a lot of stuff done. When I got home, Tim and I cooked dinner and then ate. We had fried rice and fried shrimp. Then we watched "Fool's Gold", Saturday Night Live Election Updates, and The Office. After relaxing & watching t.v. we went to bed.

Today was OK. I got up and headed to work. I was there just before 8 am. I got stuff done & then taught, taught, & taught social studies all morning. Before lunch time I gave the kids their tests and let them get to work on them. We'll have to continue the tests on Tuesday though, because we had a lot of catch up testing to do. The kids were OK, not too bad and not too good. After school, I got all packed up and headed out right after 3. My first stop after work was Mary's house to drop off some Girl Scout paperwork. Then I went to the Republican Headquarters in Chesapeake to get some McCain/Palin signs for my yard, my Dad's yard, and my Aunt's yard. I also got a bumper sticker to tape inside the rental car. Then I went to the library to pick up Eclipse and Breaking Dawn on CD. Yay! I actually squealed in the car when I found out they were both in. I stuck the first disc of Eclipse in right away! Then I went over to the Post Office to mail the 2 yard signs to PA. Dad's republican headquarters closed down or moved or something, so he couldn't get any. I haven't put ours up yet, but I will tomorrow. Then I came home and set my "book" up in the kitchen. I started making Tim some dinner. We had chili. Mary from GS gave me some fresh peppers (green & cayan) so I used those. Tim came home and "we took a nap". Then Chrissy called, wanting to know when Tim would be over to help her with the van tomorrow. We didn't even know he was supposed to be helping. We called and chatted with Dad about it. Then we ate dinner and watched "Broken Arrow." It kind of sucked. Now, we are just being bums for the rest of the night.

10-11 Tomorrow!
The only thing on the schedule is the Girl Scouts' "Hollywood Dance Party."

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