Monday, October 6, 2008


So, today is day 6 of Clomid. Here's the timeline: (this may be TMI so stop reading now if you want to!)

You can check out my chart Here!

10/6 day 8 of my cycle
10/7 day 9, last day of Clomid
10/8-10/12 Waiting & watching to Ovulate (O)
10/12-10/19 Use Ovulation Predictor Kit & "get it on" every other night
10/12-10/31 If I chart an O & I can determine that I actually ovulate, I'll have 18 days from O before I can take a pregancy test. My temperatures should show whether or not, it worked.

I'm so anxious/nervous/scared/excited/and worred all at the same time! I WANT a baby so badly. It is going to be SO hard if I don't make it this cycle. I only get 3 tries with the Clomid. If I don't get pregnant after 3 its on to whatever the next step is.

One thing that I am going to say is a "sign" is that I suddenly have over 300 hours of sick leave. I have NO idea where that came from & it's probably a mistake. That's 40 days of leave. Or 8 weeks of school. If it's NOT a mistake & by some crazy chance it stays in my account, that would be FREAKING AWESOME for when I do have a baby.

I'm not going to point it out to anyone at work...just watch & see.

I think it's bedtime.

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