Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting ready for Bunco

....Well today SUCKED.

Big time.

By 10:30 this morning, I wanted to cry. I began making arrangements to leave early.

I left work at 1:00 & went grocery shopping. I picked up a couple more prizes for Bunco and then I came home. I unloaded the groceries and then vegged on the computer for a while.

When Tim got home, I stuck some fish sticks in the toaster oven & we had dinner.

Then it was time for me to rush back to Girl Scouts. Except that it took over an hour to get there, thanks to us living across a damn bridge.

Girl Scouts was good--even though I wasn't even there an hour.

Then I came home & helped Tim with the dishes, laundry, and cleaning the carpet. We got the carpet in the living room, hall way, and office done tonight. The house smells 1000 times better! I also bought "Pet Odor" Febreze to help with the couch & beds.

There is still at TON to do tomorrow.

Here's the list:
1. Finish buying prizes (Yankee & Bath & Body Works)
2. Clean house & set up
3. Dust
4. Mop
5. Make Bagel Bites & Chocolate Chip Cookies
6. Clean fish tank

There may be more, but I'm too tired to think.

1 comment:

Smellyann said...

Don't stress!! about Bunco.

So, yeah, I haven't read blogs in like five days and now there are like 300 posts to catch up on.

Linda called me tonight. Apparently, I'm driving her, Chris, Tabitha and Gia to Bunco tomorrow. Oh, joy. So much for hanging out with you.

Are you going to work tomorrow?

I'm tired, bed time. ciao.