Monday, October 6, 2008

Twilight Update

So---a quick update...

Twilight Moms is cool--I wish they'd hurry & approve me so I can start posting!
There is a lot of Twilight junk out there to be bought. I want at least one or 2 t-shirts.
I have resisted buying the last 2 books. I am #1 on the wait list for the Books on CD of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I can't wait!
I've decided that a copy of Twilight is going to be one of my prizes for Bunco. The theme is "pampering yourself". I think it counts.
There is a TON of online material about Twilight. Stephenie Meyer's webpage has outtakes and extras that are tiding me over until I can get Eclipse.
My students at work all want to read the book. I told them its a grown up book.
The feelings that this book cause are unreal. I can't believe the way it has effected me. Someday I'll look back on this & be like, huh?

Yea--still obsessed.

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