Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunday Update March Edition

March 1

Vinnie modeled his new wool jersey outfit from Joanna

March 2 
Luke to ER for dehydration (separate post)

Before we went to the hospital, I managed to get the diapers all put away.  This is our beautiful stash!

March 3

I sewed Vinnie a new outfit during the day! 

TR Mystery Shop (Mandy babysat Luke)

March 4 
Church & lunch with the Johnsons at CiCi's! :)

March 5- Grocery Shopping!

March 6
2nd Opinion with Breast Surgeon for lump in boob- I do have a small, pea sized lump in my breast.  The doctor said that it was WORTH looking into to see what exactly it is, but MOST LIKELY it is just a harmless calcification.  He said that since I am nursing and want to continue for at least 18 months (until Vinnie is 2) that we could wait until then to do anything to avoid the complications of biopsy-ing a milky boob.  He warned me to keep track of it (monthly) and if I feel like it has moved or grown to come back in & we might have to go ahead with the biopsy, but for now, we're on a wait-and-see.  :/  I'm not thrilled with that plan, but I do not want to wean Vinnie and the doctor was fairly sure I'd be safe waiting it out. 

March 7 Luke's first time skating! :) He's a pro!

March 8
Happy 7 Months to Vinnie!

I had to hem the pants to Vinnie's wool jersey outfit a bit, so he decided to model it again for his 7 month old pictures.

March 9
Playdate at Selena's in Virginia Beach

March 10 -111 (I've got nothing)

March 12
Happy 100th Birthday Girl Scouting!

March 13 
Boys' re-checks after surgery: Luke's ear tubes look great & Vinnie's tongue is all healed up! :)

March 14 
Vinnie to pediatrician for his excema 
cloth diaper swap
Luke wore this super cute teddy bear diaper to our Cloth Diaper swap. :)

Luke cheesing while waiting to take Vinnie to the doctor

Vinnie showing off the overalls I made him (with footies) at the doctor's office.

March 15 
We had to take Wazowski to the vet in Yorktown.  It does not look good.  He needs $1800-3000 worth of surgery on each of his back legs.  The surgeries should be done within 6 weeks of each other.  He can't bear any weight on his right leg and his left leg now has the same injury.  (the doggy equivalent of a torn ACL)

March 16

March 17
Happy St. Patrick's Day
Cookout with James & Missy- We were supposed to make it to the park with James & Missy, but Aaron wasn't feeling well and kind of slowed down our entire day.  We ended up keeping him home until Betti got off of work early to pick him up.  I did some grocery shopping before we went to the picnic and then we had a great time at James & Missy's house. :)

March 18- 19 Nada

March 20

In the morning, I tried my hands at making biscuits and chocolate gravy.  It was good, but not quite right. 

Then, Tim and Luke went to the eye doctor.  We wanted to test Luke for color blindness, but he wouldn't participate in the test, so we still don't know if that is why he won't learn his colors.

He is slightly near/far (I can't remember) sighted in his left eye, but the doctor said it was normal at his age and that it was slight enough not to require glasses yet.  BUT, if it doesn't resolve by the time he's 4, he'll probably get specs then.

After the eye doctor, we had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings with Daddy.  Then we dropped him off at home and headed to Virginia Beach.

Our first stop was the mall play-place. I didn't get any pictures of Luke, because he's a human blur...but Vinnie sat nice & still for me. :)

We got Luke new sandals at Stride Rite and measured Vinnie's foot.  I don't think he's going to walk before he grows, so we didn't buy him any shoes. (I can make soft soled shoes similar to Robeez and refuse to pay $30 for those!)

Then we went to ride the carousel.

Luke found a "Spiderman" horse!

Luke's Modeling "Gig" & Vinnie's first trip to the beach- Separate Post

March 21
In the morning the boys and I went to a new dermatologist. I'm a little skeptical of the advice she gave me, but I guess I'll wait until we can afford to see a 2nd one for another opinion. :/

In the afternoon, we went to Mandy's to have chicken tacos with her, Frankie, and "the boys".  Then she & I took all of the "boys" to the mall play place at MacArthur.  They had fun and fell asleep on the ride home. :)

March 22- Zip

March 23
Tim grilled out & the boys got to play in the yard for a bit with him. :)

March 24
I got all the diapers washed & stuffed and took a new stash shot.  The diaper stash has been a work in progress for months so I haven't updated the stash list.  I will in a while, when I feel like it's "final" for a while. :)

March 25-Busch Gardens- Separate Post

March 26- Zilcho

March 27
Playdate with Karen & Thomas at our house

March 28
Vinnie had corn & sweet potatoes for lunch & had a REALLY bad reaction.  His hands and face got swollen everywhere the corn touched & he broke out in angry, bumpy hives on his entire body.  No more corn for Vinnie. :(

Mom & Dad visit, Golden Corral
Playdate at Karen's at 8:00!

March 29- Bluebird Gap Farm- Separate Post

March 30
Luke sick

March 31
Housework, both boys sick

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