Monday, April 9, 2012

April 4-9

April 5
Thursday Frankie & I went to Emporia in the morning.  On the way there I managed to get pulled over & got a speeding ticket (70/60) and  an expired inspection sticker.  Neither Tim or I realized the inspection was due.  Oops. Frankie had to weed-eat the yard for Dad.  Luke played outside with Dad  & Frankie off & on, all day.  Mom made dinner.  I sewed a bit and then we left around 7:30.

April 6
I didn't go anywhere during the day because the van needed inspected.  In the evening I was going to go out with Mandy, but then Luke smashed  his head into the wall and we were back and forth on whether he needed to go to the hospital or not. (Not) In the end, Mandy ended up coming to the house with the boys.  We stuffed the Easter eggs (415+) and let the kids play for a while.

April 7
Saturday I went grocery shopping with the boys and Mandy came over.  We also got the van inspected.

April 8
Easter- Separate Post

April 9
Monday-Betti & Aaron came over around 10 and we finished getting ready to go to Busch Gardens.
We had to stop at the pharmacy & then we finally headed to Williamsburg at 10:45.  I finally pulled into the park at 12:05.
Aaron posing for the "Lost Kid" photo 
It was 1:30 before Luke got on the Squirmy Worm ride inside the park.  Then the ride broke and didn't even get to finish its cycle.
Betti had brought one of Aaron's friends with her & he had to be home by 3:00, so she ended up leaving before Aaron got to ride any other rides. :/
Super Luke posing for the "Lost Kid" photo

After she left Luke got to ride the pony, the train, 4 rides in Land of the Dragons, the Treehouse, the swings (a couple times) and the mini airplanes.

Allergy eye/cheek'ed Vinnie in his "Lost Kid" photo

He had a fit and wouldn't get off of the airplanes, so it was time to go after that.

Tim grilled chicken for dinner & then we put the kids to bed.

(Works for me tip: Whenever you get to a busy/crowded place (or before you leave home if you remember) take a picture of each child in the clothes they are wearing that day.  This way, should you get separated you have right there on your camera/phone a CURRENT picture of exactly what your child looks like.  It also helps you remember (in your frenzied scared state) what the kids were wearing, to make searching easier.)

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