Sunday, April 15, 2012

Milkies Please!

On April 12, (8 months, 4 days old) Vinnie learned to sign milk & did it on purpose to ask for milkies!

Woot!! My big boy is growing up so fast! He LOVES to see his little hand sign & smiles whenever he is signing.

His sign looks a lot like a wave, but he does it when he's hungry, wants me or is already in bed getting milk.  :)

Luke used it the same way as a baby too.

And, today on April 15 (8 months, 1 week old), he started to push up onto his knees and lunge forward.  Its his first real progress towards "real" crawling.  He's been getting around by repeated rolling for quite some time now!

From this teeny-tiny guy....

To this big, smiley, mobile little dude!

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