Friday, April 6, 2012

Cute stuff Luke said....

Luke is a constant source of entertainment for us.

Here are some of his latest cracks:


In the grocery store, hands in pockets on his birthday boy longies,
"Mom, there's something in my pockets!"
"What! Really? (wondering what he picked up) What's in there?"
"HA! My hands!!"
It was it his first "joke".  Too cute.


From the back seat, (on the way home from running errands the day after Mom & Dad had been to town to visit):
"Mom.  I'm sad.  I'm crying."
"Oh Luke, why are you sad?"
"Gramma and Pap are gone home!"

His whole, telling me he's crying thing, is pretty funny, because he is almost always fake crying but wanting to express sadness. It's interesting the way he shows it. :)


I was laying in bed nursing Vinnie, when Luke climbed up & opened the window blinds (and woke Vinnie up, thus ending the nursing session).
I said, "Luke, now everybody is going to see my boobies!"
Then we all got up & headed out to the living room.
When we got there, Luke ran to the front door & tried to open it, "Come on Mom, everybody's going to see your boobies!!"


I think the last one I can remember is more cute than funny.  Luke brought me my phone and said, "I talk to Gramma," so I called Mom & Dad.

Dad answered & after a brief moment of excitement at talking to Pap, he said, "Is Gramma not there?"
Dad said that she was and got her the phone (with slightly hurt feelings).  When Mom came on, Luke was so excited! He said, "Yay Gramma's here, let's open the door!!" He thought because she was on the phone, now she was here.  Silly boy.  We ended up having to get off of the phone & go to the living room & look out the front door to see that they truly were not here.

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