Thursday, March 8, 2012

Surgery Day 2/29-March 2

Wednesday Feb. 29
We had to get up super early to take both boys in for their surgeries.  Mom had spent the night with us & was here to help.  
While I registered the boys, Tim changed Luke's diaper.  He & I both got to go back with the boys, they put us in side-by-side pre-op "rooms" so that we could go back & forth.  
Luke had a big boy bed but Vinnie had a crib.
We went through all the pre-op stuff. 
The nurse acted like she was going to take Vinnie in for his surgery while he was still awake. :(  I told her that I had been told I could stay with him until he was asleep.  She said I'd have to be in scrubs to do that.  I said, okay!  
So, I got to go in the locker room & change into scrubs.  Yea, that was fun. I carried Vinnie into surgery & held him while they gave him the gas so he could fall asleep.  It wasn't fun.  He fought the mask and wanted to cry.  He was so tired & hungry. 
After Vinnie was asleep, I went back and waited with Luke until it was time for him to go to surgery.  Vinnie came out of surgery and Tim went to be with him.  I stayed with Luke until he went to sleep.  
When we got to the recovery room it was awful.  Both boys were crying and basically inconsolable.  Both boys needed Mama.  Neither wanted to nurse.  
They eventually discharged us with both kids still crying.  :(
When we got home we all managed to take a nap.  
In the afternoon, Mom painted with Luke.

Thursday March 1
I can't remember Thursday.  We had miserable sick kids.  Tim had to work.

Friday March 2
Luke had a fever and wouldn't eat or drink and only pee'd once all day.  We ended up taking an early afternoon trip to the emergency room for a round of IV fluids. :/  Poor dude. 
After the ER he felt much better & we got stronger pain meds for him.

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