Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordfull Wednesday: Vinnie's First Beach Trip

On March 20, 2012, Lucas got the opportunity to do a little modeling photo shoot for a local boutique.  No, we are not putting him in modeling, no we did not get paid a ton of money, we basically did it just to see if he could get picked.  

Here's the picture I submitted:

So, the photoshoot was in the afternoon at Seashore State Park (also known as First Landing) and was supposed to be on the beach.  Unfortunately, the "holding area" was on a concrete pavilion, so while Luke waited his turn (I think there were 16 kids) he managed to skin both knees and an elbow.  Oops. :(  

Vinnie waited on the blanket in the grass, took a nap in the baby carrier, and hung out in the stroller while we waited.  He almost got to model a dress, but she didn't want to cause any future damage by cross-dressing him. He got lots of compliments on being such a well behaved, well mannered, patient little baby. :)

When it was his turn, Luke did AMAZING.  The photographer & the boutique owner both raved about how well he took directions & how cute he was with the other kids.  (both had previous modeling experience--Luke just gets LOTS of pictures taken!) 

I LOVE the beach.  I tell Tim I'd be okay moving to CO someday, but I will most definitely miss this & we better be able to come "home" at least once a year.

 Vinnie LOVED the sand.  He was so bright eyed and smiley, even though it was chilly and late.  He definitely enjoyed his first trip to the beach. :)

 And, Luke was a typical boy, getting sand all over the expensive outfit he was modeling:

We were there until about 10 minutes after 7 and both boys were exhausted when we left.  We grabbed McDonald's and hit the road to home.  Luke fell asleep without touching his nuggets and slept until 2 am before he nursed.  Then he slept the rest of the way through the night!

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