Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Update

April 2
We spent Monday at home, cleaning like crazy.

This is what the dishes looked like when I finished cleaning the main part of the kitchen.  Gross. I hate hand washing dishes & this is what happens when I let Mommy-hood interfere with that.  So, yea, I'm tackling THIS this week. :/  (By the end of the day a LOT of that was gone--I ran the dishwasher 3 times!)

And, laundry is always getting behind in this house, I don't know how so few people use so much laundry!
In the blue bucket is the poo diapers (they get rinsed before I wash all the diapers together), the white trash can is the regular dirty diapers.  The white diaper pail with no lid, is dirty wool of Vinnie's.  Then there are 2 pop up baskets with lights and whites.  The whites was two loads!  Then the blue basket has baby blankets in it, the white basket had towels in it & the box by the cabinets is full of comforters and rugs.

I'm still plugging along on that too.

April 3 (Tuesday)
We went to the doctor in the morning.  Vinnie's head cold had a cough &green snot & he wasn't peeing, bc he wasn't nursing.  BUT, its just a cold.  I'm glad we went in though because apparently the rash in Luke's diaper area (different from yeast & regular diaper rash) is apparently an infection & he needed antibiotics for it. :/

Then we went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart & then to Suntrust to cash a check and then to Firehouse for lunch. :)  After that we hit the post office & the pharmacy before heading home for naps.  I wasn't feeling so hot, so our evening was kind of lame.

April 4 (Wednesday)
We're planning another day of cleaning.  Vinnie took an almost 3 hour long nap in the morning, so I was able to get A LOT done in the kitchen.  All of the dirty laundry now fits in the laundry room! Woot!! :) And the table is cleared off enough for 2 people to eat at it! :)
I also hand-washed wool and cleaned the rest of the house up too.
During both boys afternoon naps, Betti showed up to give me a hand around the house.  I got to sew for a few minutes & did a little bit of work before running to the Post Office.  I also picked Aaron up from school.
When we got home, Luke was SO happy to see Aaron! Betti & I chatted while I did dishes until 5:00 and the kids all played (Betti helped keep them occupied).
We ate a yummy dinner of leftovers galore & then they had to run.  Peggy showed up just as they were leaving and took over kid duty.
I gave Vinnie a bath and then nursed him down for a nap.  Peggy played with Luke.  I got the house cleaned up, dishes and laundry tended to, and did a little bit of work on sewing stuff.
I can proudly say that the only remaining dishes are the appliances: the crock pot, the frying pan, and the griddle and two tea jugs.  Everything else is clean!! :) AND, I'm down to bleaching my cloth diapers (to get the infection out) and then just the big blankets before I am "done" with the laundry!
Yay for a super productive day!

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