Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Update--Thurs-Sunday

Thurs. June 23

Thursday was not a good day overall.

Frankie was going to be dropping off the hospital bed for us to use as a guest bed for a while & so that meant that the office/storage HEAP had to get cleaned!

I worked on it for about 25 minutes at a time, resting for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour in between working sessions.

It was hard work.

I took a nap with Luke & still knew it was too much, but I pushed on.

The afternoon got worse when I was hit with STABBING, agonizing, cramps/contractions at about 4:30.  I couldn't move.

I pretty much did nothing until Tim got home around 7 and then I soaked in the bath tub for a LONG time until the cramping let up.

I went to bed straightaway after that.

Friday June 24

I used Friday to recover from Thursday's over-work.  I did the normal housework but not anything major.
In the afternoon I went to PetSmart to get dog food & Target to get dish soap.

Tim cooked dinner & we had an early night.

Saturday June 25

We had a great day, in my opinion Saturday.  We got up early thanks to Lucas, and pretty much got busy.  Tim was working before 8 and I was working by 9.

Tim got the lawnmower fixed up (annual tune-up), cut the grass, and swept the patio.  He also went to the grocery store and  I gave him a haircut.

Luke cut a new tooth!

 I took care of Luke & the "normal" housework.  Then Tim cleaned the kitchen and bathroom & rid them of all the evidence of the last 6 months!  Woot!  I took Luke to Food Lion & did some grocery shopping.

We tag teamed the sweeping & vacuuming and finished everything up (we even dusted!) JUST before 4:30 when James, Missy, and Trevor came over.

They brought #2 a super cute 3 pack of Monster's Inc themed onesies!

We visited while Tim grilled the chicken, had a great dinner, and then visited some more!  It was a good night!

After they headed home we started getting ready for bed & Luke was asleep before we normally begin his night-time routine!

Sunday June 26

So far today is stil up in the air.  I'm exhausted from being up all night with either Tim or we might do nothing!

So far, I've:

folded laundry
washed laundry
put away diapers
washed & dried wool & laid it out
and we're getting ready to eat & then shower & nap

AND just to edit to add the rest of our day:

Luke fell alseep, I showered & then Tim laid down with Luke too!

I took advantage of their napping, to head to Chesapeake Square Mall to shop!  I made it through Burlington Coat Factory, Target, Chilren's Place, Gymboree, J.C. Penny, Auntie Anne's, and Motherhood Maternity, with purchases along the way of various clothing for us to wear to Loren & Heather's second wedding this weekend.

I got Luke this onesie for less than $3 at J.C. Penny!
And I got him this vest for $6.99.
I'm putting those 2 pieces together with blue slacks, white socks & shoes and I think he'll look quite darling for the ceremony!

I also snagged this shirt off a clearance rack for Luke!

Tim will be wearing a tux since he is in the wedding, but I took advantage of the BOGO 50% off sale on socks to get him 6 pairs of bamboo socks.

And, I'm returning everything I bought for myself, so I guess there's no need to mention it!

I got home around 5 and we did a fashion show with all the stuff I bought before heading out again.

We ran to Best Buy so Tim could get a tuner thing-a-ma-bob for his iPod, then to Target to return my stuff, then to Fazoli's for dinner.

After dinner we did a drive-by at the ATM and headed home!

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