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Long But Quick, Sunday Update May 25-June 10

May 24- Tuesday
 Whatever it says on the previous Sunday Update is wrong!  But now I can't remember what we REALLY did!

May 25- May 26 Thurs.
Here's a couple days I can't remember either...I hate it when I get behind & then forget what I did!  And no pictures to even show for those days!

May 27 Fri.
Tim was off of work!

May 28 Sat.
Trevor's 4th Birthday Party in Suffolk
Dropped Aaron off/picked Carolynn up
Went swimming at Frankie's work--Luke had a blast

May 29 Sun.
Mom came in & I took Carolynn to meet her at Frankie's pool, Egg Custard Sno Cones

In the evening we went out and bought Luke Toy Story 2 & Cars on Blu-Ray & DVD.  He LOVES Toy Story are a few snaps of he & Carolynn watching it!

May 30 Mon.
Happy Memorial Day
Lunch at Tom & Peggy's w/ Aaron, Carolynn, and the family,
Kids swam in wading pool & had a blast

Relaxing by the pool on Memorial Day

Silly boy!
May 31 Tues
28 Weeks Pregnant!

Here's another day I can't remember!

June 1 Weds.
28 Week doctor appointment,
Glucose Tolerance Test,
Blood work,
Gained 8 lbs last month,
Everything looks good

June 2 Thurs.
I don't have anything written down for this day....guess it will forever live on as a day I can't remember!

Such a happy guy, with a BIG smile!

Glued to the t.v. during lunch--guess what was on!?!
June 3 Fri.
Lunch at Red Lobster w/ Mom, Dad, and Frankie
Wal-Mart trip w/ Tim--lots of heavy contractions

Where Tim spent a good portion of Memorial Day afternoon!
June 4 Sat.
We took it pretty easy so that I wouldn't have a ton of contractions.

June 5-Sunday
Lucas woke up early, so he & I actually made it to church with Tim.
Unfortunately, I had LOTS of contractions during the service and then they continued all day.

Any little thing, even walking from the living room to the bedroom made me start having more of the painful contractions, so at bed time I finally decided it was time to go to the hospital for monitoring.

It was after 9 before we left the house, so Tim stayed in the car with the sleeping baby while I went up to L&D.  The nurses were super sweet and I got into a room pretty quickly.  Once I was in the room it wasn't long before I had my cervix checked (dilated to one fingertip, no change in length, and nice & firm) and my fetal fibronectin test done. I also got hooked up to the monitors.

While I was monitored (and awaiting the test results) I watched "Flashpoint" (my new favorite show) on Netflix on my iPad and texted with Tim.

The fFN came back negative, which is a good thing (it means that with 99% accuracy I will NOT go into labor within 10 days), and they were able to discharge me with orders to be on bed rest.

Apparently, what I thought was the baby kicking the crap out of me with all his tossing & turning was actually REGULAR consistent contractions, every 15 minutes. :(

Technically, I am in "threatened pre-term labor" and on "modified bed rest" which means if the contractions start conditioning my uterus/cervix then I'll be in PTL and the only things I should be out of bed for are to meet my own personal needs (eat & potty) or to meet Luke's needs.

June 6- Mon.
So, Monday was my first day of 'bed rest'.  Beth came over around lunch time to help out with Luke.  I got myself all worried about the different symptoms I was having & didn't feel good at all.

I was still having regular contractions as well as painful ones.  Finally around 12:45, I got a doctor's appointment scheduled & started getting ready to go see Dr. Morgan.  I had to pick Aaron up from school & take him with me.

Dr. Appointment @ 2:00--Dr. Morgan checked my belly and noticed a lot of tenderness near my ribs.  Fortunately he didn't check my cervix again (thank goodness!) and he decided to do a full liver panel and blood work to make sure that there wasn't any pre-eclampsia or HELLP Syndrome going on.

Nap time in our bed-rest perch!
June 7- Tues
29 Weeks Pregnant
Tuesday, Tim stayed home from work sick. :(  He had been up during the night puking & felt yucky, but otherwise just had regular cold symptoms.  We had a pretty slow/lazy day until it was time to pick Aaron up.

Frankie came over, with Mom & Dad's old kitchen table for us.  :)  Then Tim, Aaron, and Frankie packed all of Luke's toys into trash bags and all of our groceries into re-usable bags & put the food in the car.

Ewell's Pest Control showed up around 2:40 to do our front & back yards & the house.  We are hoping that having this done will keep Luke from getting eaten alive when he plays outside now!  We didn't actually have any pests in the house, but the difference in price was about $30 so we figured why not!

We had to load the birds and dogs up too, so it was quite the chore.

When we left at 3:30, we went to Wal-Mart so Frankie could get some groceries at a discount.  (Gotta love having family that works there!)

After Frankie finished there we headed to Virginia Beach, we got Luke some Chic-Fil-A and went to Tom & Peggy's house.  Tim & his Dad went to Alpha Music to get some sound stuff for church & I hung out on the couch at their house.

Then we left Luke with his grandparents while we went to Applebee's for dinner.  We got the "Two for $20" deal, so it was a good, cheap dinner with an appetizer!  Afterwards we went to Wal-Mart & even though I rode in the electric wheelchair, I still had a ton of painful contractions!

We went back and picked Luke up & got him ready for bed before heading home.

When we got home (with just the dogs in tow, the birds had to stay away 24 hours) we had a lot of work to do before we could even go to sleep!  But, such is life!

29 Weeks Pregnant--Finally starting to show!
June 8- Weds.
Wednesday is our lazy day.  I didn't eve shower or get "dressed" beyond house clothes!  We don't have Aaron on Wednesday, so there was no need for me to leave the house at all.

I did get up bright & early and walk 4 hours down the street (with contractions the whole way) to get my package from the neighbor's house.  The little old man who opened the door was quite embarrassed to have opened my maternity tank top!

I managed to get most of the bags unpacked from the day before's adventures before Tim got home.

Tim came home from work sick, so we had a lazy day, including a 3 hour nap for Luke!

The counter top guy came around 4:00 and measured the kitchen by next Friday we will have new counters!

We had Subway for dinner.

June 9-Thurs
We didn't do much of anything on Thursday, I took it easy and didn't even vacuum the house.  I did pick Aaron up from school & go to the Post Office & the Library.

Still having "regular" contractions & the intense ones with activity.

When Tim got home, he took care of Lucas and cooked us a dinner of fish sticks, french fries, chicken tenders, and, bourbon chicken...all frozen...but still food for our bellies.

June 10- Friday
I am determined to finish & post this today.

Luke slept in until 8:10...that was nice.  I haven't been having "regular" contractions today! AMEN!  I did have some stronger ones when I ran the vacuum but I went out to McDonald's & then out to pick Aaron up & didn't have contractions from either of those short trips.

I managed to get the house picked up some and work on Tim's Father's Day card today.  Not much else, since I'm supposed to be on bed rest and all!

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