Thursday, June 23, 2011


I love, love, love, love, love, love to sew!  It is so nice to take an idea, cut it out of fabric (often recycled) and turn it into something my little man can wear or use!

So, Tuesday I managed to get to my sewing stuff & sort it out & organize it during nap time.  Then, when Tim got home I managed to sew two pairs of pants, from a recycled wool for each boy!!

They aren't "wonky", I just tossed them on the floor & snapped the picture.  They actually lay flat & are totally adorable.  I also didn't take an "action" shot of Luke, since I made his a couple inches too long, planning to finalize the hem in the fall when he starts wearing them.

I didn't do much of anything else Tuesday besides cleaning house.

Wednesday morning I attempted to go meet up with a diaperswappers mama who is new in the area.  We're working out a trade (she's going to knit a cocoon & hat for #2 & I'm going to sew diapers/soakers for her 1 year old) and were going to meet at the yarn store.  BUT, she got lost & didn't make it. :(

Luke & I grabbed McDonald's and then went to the bank before driving home.

While Luke slept I worked on a pair of shorts for him.  He actually woke up before I got them sewn together, but I had to draft a completely new pattern (with side seams instead of crotch seams) so it was a lot of work.

While he played I got them sewn up & then tried on him.  I think they are adorable, even if he didn't have a t-shirt to match yesterday.  (They are in the wash.)

They are made from fleece which works as a diaper cover, so that's nice.  I love the long leg shorts style!  It makes him look tall & protects his knees from the MANY times he falls down while playing outside!

After I finished sewing I got to work on the housework.  We just ate soup out of the pantry for dinner and then cleaned up.

Tim bathed Luke while I ran out to Dunkin Donuts & Farm Fresh.  I love the little trips out by myself.  I can open the windows & turn the music up & I get to drive MY Corolla.

By the time I got home, we had about 30 minutes to eat dessert & relax before getting ready for bed. :)

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