Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Countdown! 7-10 Weeks!

Well, we're finally in the home stretch and before we know it, we're going to have a new family member!  In light of that, we are realizing that we are running out of "weekends" to get stuff done in & we might need to get a decent plan of action set up!

So here it goes!

Assuming I go to 40 weeks (not likely) we have 10 "weeks & weekends" but only 8 of those weekends aren't already planned out. 

June 13-17 
30 Weeks
Counter tops installed in kitchen
Texas Roadhouse Shop

June 18-Saturday
Kitchen/Office/Garage Cleaning Day

June 19-Sunday 
Father's Day at my parent's house

June 20-24
31 Weeks
Charleston, SC for work

June 25-Saturday
James & Missy Cookout

June 26- Sunday
Finish Garage Cleaning/Organization & Office Organization Day

June 27-July 1
32 Weeks
Family in town for wedding
July 1-Loren's Rehearsal Dinner

July 2-Saturday
Loren & Heather's Wedding

July 3-Sunday
Church & Family Stuff

July 4-Monday

July 5-8
33 Weeks

July 9-Saturday

July 10-Sunday

July 11-15
34 Weeks

July 16-Saturday

July 17-Sunday

July 18-22
35 Weeks

July 23-Saturday

July 24-Sunday

July 25-29
36 Weeks

July 30-Saturday

July 31-Sunday

Aug. 1-5
37 Weeks
Aug. 5-5 Year Anniversary

Aug. 6-Saturday

Aug. 7- Sunday

Aug. 8-12
38 Weeks

Aug. 13-Saturday

Aug. 14- Sunday

Aug. 15-19 
39 Weeks 
Aug. 19--Possible scheduled C/S 

Aug. 20-Saturday

Aug. 21-Sunday

Aug. 22-26
40 Weeks

Need to Buy:
Swing for #2
Toddler Bed & Mattress for Luke
Stretchy Wrap

Need to Save For:
Professional Newborn Pictures

Need to To:
  • Unpack Office--Set up Kitchen 
  • Clean Garage (Includes mounting drywall in garage, installing cabinets in garage, getting cabinets out of kitchen, and creating storage space for craft/computer supplies) 
  • Organize "Office" into "Playroom/Guestroom" (Includes installing Closet-maid Closet System, Painting, Making & Hanging Curtains, Getting a bed from Mom & Dad's, and Rearranging Toys)
  • Buy & Install New T.V. (or move old one)--Babyproof Living Room 
  •  Sew Diapers, Night gown, Slippers, Curtains
  • Install Mini Blinds

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