Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!!

So, we finally decided on #2's coming home outfit/ensemble!

The "outfit" will be this adorable "Rhino Romper" from Monkey Toe Designs on Etsy.

We're getting it made in these custom colors! Cascade 220 Heathers 2437, Cascade 220 7816 & 8010.  I love them together!  It is very "sock monkey" and "baby boy" to me!

The outfit will be made perfect with custom Tessa Ann buttons, similar to this set.  Ours will have two of the "face" buttons & 3 of the brown buttons.  (2 of them will be going on the loafers)

Peggy will be adding this crocheted blanket to the mix, with natural as the main body, the brown/tan as the mouth & hat, and blue for the accents on the hat.   We're going to leave the little "hands" off.

 I've also asked Peggy to make this little stuffed sock monkey doll.  He'll have a blue hat tassel.   I'm researching how to add a scent & some kind of noise maker to him as well.

Mom is going to add to the outfit, by crocheting this adorable hat!  He'll have blue accents on his hat & on the tassles, with tan as the main color and natural as the detail colorwork.

Finally, Mom will crochet these adorable loafers, to just add the perfect final touch to the outfit!

She's actually going to make several pairs, three of which will match his coming home outfit!  (Tan w/ blue, Natural w/ blue, and Natural w/ Tan)

A good friend of mine from Diaperswappers is going to embroider some bamboo panels for me to add to my preemie prefolds, using these (and other) designs.

I'm also bidding on these cute baby legs from Ebay.

 And, finally, this little t-shirt for Luke from E-bay.

 That shirt won't match, but Luke has these shorties that will match the baby's coming home outfit pretty well.

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