Monday, March 15, 2010


I went to bed last night at 12:30 (could have gone to bed about 11:45, but I was putzing online)...slept until around 3:30 (when Tim & I both woke up with upset stomachs (darn Arby's))...and then slept until 5:55, when my day-care child showed up.  Went RIGHT back to sleep (with my nursling on the boob) until 7:25 to put her on the bus & then back to sleep again!  (again with my nursling clinging to me)  I finally woke up at 9:30, well rested & ready for my day.  Guess where my boy is? Napping in his swing!  Woot woot!

He hasn't had a bath or anything yet...I think my giving him a morning bath was throwing off a nap I could have been benefiting from!

I'm heading into the shower and am loving it!

(BTW Chrissy took Carolynn w/ her to work today but is supposed to be taking her to day-care starting today.)

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