Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Almost 6 Months Old

 I am so amazed by all the things my big boy can do!

Luke now smiles & laughs big huge belly laughs.

Sits unassisted & has control of his body. (reaches down, sideways, and back w/o falling)

Plays with toys, his hands, and his toes.

Leans and stretches his arms out to go to Mommy or Daddy.

"Holds his own bottle" by holding onto the breast while eating.

Can cover & uncover himself during the night/naps.

"Crawls" in the bathtub when we practice "swimming".

Plays on his own in his bouncy seat, rocking chair, or on his play mat...for periods over 20 minutes.

Mimics arm movements.

Anticipates actions. He laughs before you start tickling & knows what's coming next in common games we play.

Drinks water or breast milk from a big-boy cup.

Sips from a valve-less sippy cup.

Sits in restaurant high chairs & shopping carts, like a big boy.

Holds onto my arms/hands when I'm lifting him!

Puts his toes in his mouth.

Holds his legs up for diaper changes.

Rolls onto his side.

Get anything he wants into his mouth!

Knows his name and will look when called

Pulls himself to a stand while holding just your hands/fingers.

Mock somebody by blowing raspberries when they do it

Blows raspberries and drools!

Reaches for food & is interested in putting EVERYTHING in his mouth

I'm so blessed!!! I love this baby!!

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