Friday, March 5, 2010

More Way Late Sunday Updates-Weeks 17-19

Week 17
Sun. Feb. 7
Mon. Feb. 8

Tues. Feb.9
Weds. Feb. 10

Thurs. Feb. 11
Mom & Dad drove down from Pennsylvania with Frankie.  We didn't get to see them until Friday morning.

Fri. Feb. 12

Great Grams bought Luke a VSmile Baby.  He LOVES it!  Gram & Pap brought him some games for it too!
He also got the musical giraffe pictured behind Grams here.

Sat. Feb. 13
Mom and Dad spent a fortune to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese for Ashley's birthday.  Naturally, it being Luke's first time & all I took pictures!

Week 18
Sun. Feb. 14

Mon. Feb. 15

Tues. Feb. 16
Weds. Feb. 17
Thurs. Feb. 18
Fri. Feb. 19
Sat. Feb. 20

Week 19
Sun. Feb. 21
Mon. Feb. 22
Tues. Feb. 23
Weds. Feb. 24
Thurs. Feb. 25
Luke's first night in his crib!

Fri. Feb. 26
Sat. Feb. 27

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