Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sunday Update: Week 16

Week 16

Sun Jan. 31
The snow storm from Friday night kept us home bound all day!  We didn't leave for anything & just relaxed!

Mon. Feb 1
The highlight of the day is that we sold the truck.  It took all day (Tim was off from the snow) and we had to get a signature loan for the negative equity (which is one of the cutest words in the WORLD to hear a 2 year old say!) but its gone!  We had Hardee's with Tom and Peggy afterwards.

Tuesday Feb 2
Well, this was not a good day to start at all!  I couldn't sleep the night before, because of an IRRATIONAL fear that something was going to happen & Luke would not live through the night.  Part of the problem is that I haven't had my pill in DAYS.  The other part of the problem is that Luke's cradle is now at the foot of the bed, instead of right next to me.  This is part 1 of our transition to his own room.  Yes, I know it's a TINY step, but I'm really having a hard time dealing with separation from my baby.  If I could put him back, safely in my tummy, I would!!

So, I was exhausted when Luke decided to get up at 8:30.  But, I did begin our morning routine, get him up, bathed & dressed, then nurse.  Only when I went to nurse, he wanted to CHEW on me!!  WTHeck?!?  My baby is suddenly teething & thinks I'm the best chew toy!

By 12 noon, I couldn't take it anymore, I KNEW he was hungry, but he would not eat.  He kept crying every time I tried to feed him.  I finally called Amanda to come to my rescue.  She brought Subway & took over caring for Luke so I could de-stress.  I think part of being a good Mom is knowing your boundaries.

She managed to give him 1 oz from a bottle & get him to sleep, thank the Lord. So, I put Caro down for a nap too & got my shower around 2.  When Luke woke up at 2:45, he was hungry but in much better spirits.  (The Baby Tylenol I gave him & the teething necklace might have something to do with that too though!)  He nursed & then played for a good long while.

He just nursed again at 4:55 & took a short nap.  I have a dinner date with Melanie at 7 pm.  Luke is going with me.

We went to Texas Roadhouse with Melanie and her kids.  It was good times!

Weds. Feb 3
I got nothing, other than a whole bunch of pictures of Luke in just a yellow-edge GMD prefold.  Here's one!

Thurs. Feb 4

Fri. Feb 5

Sat. Feb 6

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