Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday Update Week 20

Week 20
Sun. Feb. 28
Sunday we had to get up early for church.  Luke and I went to the 9:45 service at Courthouse while Tim did the band practice.  Then we went to the 11:15 Gathering service.  After church we helped clean up, stayed for a meeting and then went to Tom and Peggy's.  The idea was to feed Luke and eat and then head home, but instead Tim and I both fell asleep (me on the floor, with a wet bag full of dirty diapers as a pillow!) and napped all day!  Around 4:00 I fed Luke again and then around 5:00 Tim woke up.  Peggy cooked us dinner & we didn't leave until late.

Mon. March 1
I remember nothing.

Tues. March 2
Not much to note about our day, when Tim got home we headed out to do a cookie drop off for Girl Scouts & then to go grocery shopping.  We spent a ton of money & brought home quite a bit of food and other stuff!

Weds. March 3
We had a busy, not going anywhere, kind of day, where I tried and tried to get the house clean.  I did a pretty decent job and it didn't look too bad by the time my friend Monica got here to visit!  We had a nice visit with her & relaxed a bit.

Thurs. March 4
We had a lazy day at home and then went to church in the evening.  After church we went to Mi-Ma and Grandad's house to nurse and so we could eat dinner.  We also stayed around to watch "The Office" baby episode! It was a late night!
Auntie Mandy's onesie!

Another shot at BSRB photos...this was the only good one that night!


Mommy & Luke 
(I think it is TOO precious that he "holds on" while he's eating!)

Friday March 5
Friday morning is a haze.  Tim got home around 12:30 and it was nice!  He ended up taking a nap in the afternoon while I played with Grayson, Spencer, Caro, and Luke!

In the evening, Tim headed to church.  Mandy & I got all the littles fed & ready to leave the house (she got to the house about 4:45 and we FINALLY left @ 6:15!!)

We headed to Babies R Us, where we shopped, and shopped, and shopped some more!  I bought Luke a shopping cart/high chair cover, a set of "baby's first toothbrushes" and something else but I can't remember what!  Mandy bought him a St. Patrick's day outfit & bib & a rattle.  Then, Mandy took me and dropped us off at the mall, where we met up with Tim.

We checked Motherhood for a nursing top for me, but they didn't have what I wanted, so we headed to Macy's.  I got a nice black tank top for nursing.  Then we headed up to Sarku Japan for dinner.  Luke nursed for a few minutes, while Tim & I ate.  We headed home after that (it was well after 9 pm) and got ready for bed as soon as we got home.

Like the shirt I made him? I drew, cut out, and appliqued on the dinosaur.  The fabrics match, the diaper is thermal & the applique is flannel.  I think it turned out pretty awesome for a first try!  

I plan on entering 3 of those pictures this week for the photo contest.  Which one should I leave out?

Sat. March 6
This Saturday was a SUPER busy, jam packed, fun day!  We got up WAY early and headed to Virginia Beach.

First, I dropped Tim off at church & headed to Tom & Peggy's.  Peggy & Beth gave Luke a sink bath while I showered upstairs.  Then I nursed him, pumped, and got myself "gussied up" to go to Miriam's Circle.  (a women's group for church)
Notice his hand by his ear?  What sent us to the doctor & the emergency room, is actually a security thing.  He does it when he's nervous/in a new situation. 

 Who remembers Ashley & how she used to cover her ears?  

I was about 5 minutes late for that, but it was all good, considering I'd been up since like 6 am!  It was fun and not as awkward as I thought it could have been.  I'll enjoy going to that once a month.  It's a book study too, so I might buy the book.
Michelle got one not-so-good shot of us.  You can't see it, but I actually have pantyhose on & everything!  I didn't dress Luke up because I was too tired to worry about fancy clothes (and snaps) for him!

After that I rushed home (to Tom & Peggy's) to feed Luke, with quick stops at the McDonald's drive through & Rock a Bye Baby.  At RABB I got the Baby Einstein Bouncer Activity Center for Luke!  I got it for $25 store credit!  There was a mistake on my store credit card--I know I had closer to $50 (which was the asking price) so they let me have it for what I had left!  Thanks Rock a Bye Baby!  Luke loves it!

When I got home, I fed Luke and got him to sleep in the swing, then cleaned up the bouncer.  He slept a LONG time.  I actually got to paint my nails & everything!

When Tim got home in the afternoon, Luke played in the bouncer for a while, then nursed, and we headed home.

When we got home we cleaned up & relaxed for a few.  I fed Luke again and then we headed out to Amira & James' house @ 7:30.

We quickly decided to have Red Robin for dinner and met up over there.  Luke sat in the high chair like a big boy & got lots of compliments on how well behaved he was.

After dinner we went to their house again & played Cranium.  It was a lot of fun!  We ended up winning by one card!  After we played and I nursed Luke again, we headed home.  It was after midnight before we got home!  We went straight to bed & prepared for our Sunday visit to two churches!

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How much he's grown! I can't wait to see him (and you) on Wednesday! It seems like it's been ages... :(