Thursday, March 4, 2010

No Time to Blog

That's what I've time whatsoever!

I've been busy as a bee keeping the house clean, going to church, sewing, taking care of the kids, and cooking/baking.

First ride in a shopping cart, Fri. Feb. 26, we borrowed Auntie Mandy's car & ran errands all day!

Pumping/Breastfeeding Update:
I'm still pumping 2 times a day--even 3x some days.  In February, I averaged 13 oz a day on the pump as well as feeding Luke full time.  This month I've had some 8 oz days and some 20 oz days, so we'll see what the average looks like when I count up my donation tomorrow.

My donor mama, is coming to pick up what I'm sure is about 100 oz tomorrow.  I gave her every drop of milk that I pumped from Oct.-February.  As of Feb.2 I am keeping 50% of what I pump for Luke.

My theory is that if I get pregnant next Feb. and my milk dries up or my production goes down, I will have enough stored up to give Luke at least SOME breast milk each day until he is 2.  My donor mom would like her baby to have BM until she's 15 months or so, so I'll pump as long as I can.  I just hope I make enough milk to keep both baby's tummies full.

Right now, I'm pumping, Luke's playing in his crib (with his activity mat), and Carolynn is supposed to be taking a nap.

Breastfeeding is going well!  Luke can latch himself on and off in all positions.  He is teething and so he has had some ups and downs with the whole eating thing!  We took him to the pediatrician because he wasn't eating--and I thought maybe he had an ear infection.  She said he was fine.  (He will latch on, suck 3 times, and then turn his head & spit out the nipple, take a deep breath, and then turn back and start the whole process over.  Again and again.)  Finally on Sunday Feb. 21, he went more than 12 hours and only nursed for 30 minutes ALL DAY. We ended up taking him to the ER because he was hysterical but would NOT eat.  After waiting HOURS and HOURS they told us he was fine.  What fun.

Luke's Growth:
Luke continues to be a peanut!  He is 4 months and 2 weeks old.  He weighs 13 lbs 1 oz butt naked.  He is 25 1/2 inches tall with a head circumference of 15 inches.  He has completely outgrown 0-3 month clothing and is well into 3-6, 6 months, and even some 6-9 months clothes!

He can lay on his back and roll to his side.  He can lay on his stomach and lift his head, arms, and legs. (So that just his belly is on the floor.)  He can lay on his back and lift his butt off the floor.  He loves the bath tub and plays all over the place in there.

He laughs, smiles, and "talks".  He is generally happy and well behaved.  He does get fussy and lets me know what he wants!

He hates riding in the car seat and normally cries when he's buckled in.  Since we just have one car now (we sold the truck at the beginning of February) I normally ride in back with Luke while Tim drives.

Obviously, Luke can play unattended for about 20-30 minutes in his crib or pack n play.  He also likes to play in his high chair.

His favorite toy is his "VSmile Baby" from Great Grams, Grandmom, and Pap.  He LOVES it!  He'll be receiving cartridges for that for Easter, his 1/2 birthday, and his birthday, and probably Christmas too! (It is for ages 6-36 months.)

He is also pretty fond of his teething ring by Avent, his "Mortimer Moose", and the toy bar on his car seat.

We started Luke sleeping in his crib on the 22nd.  He is doing fine in there!  He even slept through the night from 9:30 to 5:45 and then from 6-9:10 overnight from March 2-3.

Our favorite cloth diapers right now are Bagshot Row Bamboo diapers (BSRB). They are "onesize" and don't have any closure.  I use pins or a snappi on them & LOVE how they fit.  They are extremely absorbant and Luke can wear one for about 12 hours and still not soak through it!  I take lots of pictures of him in his BSRBs because the owner of the company does a photo contest and I'd love to win a free diaper!

See he loves them too!

Tim & Steph Updates:
Well, let's see. Tim is happy at his new job.  He likes the people he works for and with.  He is now in a team leadership role.  He has a small group of people that he assigns tasks to and who report to him.  He has a weekly presentation that is attended by "the brass", including some high ranking military types.  He's been going to work by 6 am so he can make conference calls with some place in Africa!
He is also one of the two sound techs for church and so has to attend every service!  He is also going to be on the finance committee for church as well.

I'm doing well.  I've gained back the 30 lbs I lost after Luke was born.  Mostly in the belly & boobs.
(By the way, while I've been typing this I finished pumping, put away my milk, fixed myself a baked potato, and am now taking care of a fussy Luke.)  I've adapted well to not having a ride during the day.  It's really not that bad!  We're definitely saving money on gas, eating out, and some frivolous spending.  (My Paypal account is my friend!)  I have made SEVERAL purchases online lately & I was actually coming on the computer to check what I was waiting on to ship when I decided to write this blog post.

I bought a new bra & a Breathable Crib Shield (basically a mesh bumper) from Walmart.  I bought fabric from Jo-Ann's to match my 'It's a Zoo In Here' stuff.  I have bought & sold diapers a few times.  I've bought some fabric to match some of our BSRBs so I can make outfits.  My biggest purchase was my Nook & the books and accessories I bought to go with it!

Well, my boy wants my attention back and I can't think of anything else to update you on!  If you have a question, feel free to ask it in the comments & I'll try to answer it as quickly as possible!

Until next time, ciao!


Ameya said...

Not obviously!! Killian can't entertain himself, MAYBE a few times a week he'll have 10 minutes or so of entertaining himself, but that's it. :((((

I love the pics of him in BSRB!! I reallyreally want some! My husband is used to cheapie cloth diapers, however... =\

Ameya said...

woops, hit it too fast- I've also gained weight since baby was born. :( I'm thinking it has something to do with the mini-pill, so I'm stopping it the end of this week & we'll see if that helps. I really haven't changed my eating habits at all!