Friday, March 5, 2010

Sunday Update: Weeks 11-15

Week 11
Mon. Dec. 28

Tues. Dec. 29

Weds. Dec. 30

Thurs. Dec. 31
We celebrated the New Year at Auntie Mandy's house!  We had a combined Birthday/New Year's party.  After we went home, we watched the New Year's Eve show on t.v., Tim and I had a glass of wine and our little family rang in the New Year with Chrissy & her kids!

Fri. Jan. 1

Sat. Jan. 2

Week 12
Sun. Jan. 3

Mon. Jan. 4

Tues. Jan. 5

Weds. Jan. 6

Thurs. Jan 7

Fri Jan 8

Sat. Jan 9
We visited with Tom and Peggy.  I got a cute picture of Luke napping with his Mi-Ma.

Week 13
Sun. Jan 10

Mon Jan 11
We took 3 month bath tub pictures of Luke.

I also took this picture of Luke next to one of my favorite preemie outfits he wore when he was just days old.

Tues. Jan 12

Weds. Jan 13

Thurs. Jan 14

Fri. Jan 15

Sat. Jan 16

Week 14
Sun. Jan 17

Mon. Jan 18
Our boy is 3 months old!  That's 1/4 of a year!  Can you believe it?

Tues. Jan 19

Weds. Jan 20

Thurs. Jan 21

Fri. Jan 22
Tim and I babysat for Melanie from about 6:00 til 9:30.  (some of that was visiting)

Sat. Jan 23
Tim had to run sound for the evening service, so we headed over there.  I dropped him off & then went to Rock a Bye.  After that I went to Tom & Peggy's to feed Luke.  When he was done nursing we went to the church.  I put Luke in the nursery for the first time.  I put him in the swing, so he'd stay asleep, and gave them instructions to page me when he woke up.  I expected him to be hungry, but he wasn't.  I still took him with me to the service.
After the service we went back to Tom and Peggy's for dinner.

Week 15
Sun. Jan 24
We did our budgeting for Dave Ramsey's baby steps.  Basically Tim did it & explained it to me and then we talked about it  Which works for us.  I cut Tim & Tyler's hair.  Luke took an out of character 3 hour long nap and we relaxed.

Mon. Jan 25
I got the kids up and out and we went grocery shopping.  That's always fun with two babies!  I did laundry & cooked dinner (hamburgers & fries).  Tim and I watched "27 Dresses".

Tues. Jan 26
We had a lazy day at home that consisted of cleaning house, making a pot roast, taking care of the kids and getting ready to go out.  Luke had a doctor's appointment at 4:20 for an infected in grown toe nail on his big toe on his right foot.  It had nasty green pus coming out of it after his bath.  I also talked to Dr. M about his weird gasping for breath & we decided its probably his reflux acting up.  So, she gave him a script for Augmentin and raised his Zantac dose.  I can't get him to take the Augmentin though so he has only had part of one dose of it!  Tim had church Tuesday night, so we didn't eat dinner until 10 pm.  (Luke weighed 12 1/2 lbs.)

Weds. Jan 27
Yesterday was a pretty lazy day.  Caro, Luke and I did our thing around the house until about 3:15.  Then we started getting ready to go out.  When Tyler got home, I left him with Carolynn, so Luke & I could go pick up Brianna & Ashley.  We got them & headed over to the church for their Girl Scout classes.  Tim met us there & then we drove to CarMax.
I stayed there & nursed Luke while they did the appraisal on the truck.  Tim went back to the church & got the girls.  Then he came back & they appraised my car.
Basically they didn't offer enough for the truck and offered JUST ENOUGH for the car to make us question which vehicle to get rid of.
So, after we left there, we met at Subway for some dinner.  When we got home, Tim started crunching the numbers to figure out which vehicle to get rid of.

Thurs. Jan 28
Well, I am going to write this post in reverse, so the posts will probably have more detail as I go back in time!   Luke went to bed around midnight last night, ate at 5 am and is still asleep in his swing.  Love it!  We have a busy day planned today.

Friday Jan. 29

Sat. Jan. 30
Snowstorm of 2010--Luke's first experience with snow

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