Saturday, September 6, 2008

What I've been up to lately!

Phew, that was a seriously large amount of pictures! Blogger is wierd & the easiest way to insert pics is to them in the reverse order of how I want them to appear & then go back in & add my text. So here is a photoblog of my week.

First day of school picture of my classroom in action. Sorry about the faceless children, but you know I must protect the little ones.

Here's another notecard I made. The client requested "baby blue, black, and "retro" designs". What do you think?

Then here's the outfit I bought for Spencer for $5.50. Too bad the preemie onesie is going to be too small! I really thought he was shorter than he is. I am going to try it on him tomorrow, but I doubt it will fit. It's a cute outfit though.

Here you can see the onesie!

Ok, so pardon Tim's Raggedy Andy doll & the huge breastfed baby poo stain on the bed. I will be washing the sheets but when you have 2 small babies in the house, that is the LEAST of your concerns. (I did scrub it up with a baby wipe.)
This is a fleece soaker that I made using Katrina's Sew Quick Soaker pattern. The name lies! My sewing machine apparantly doesn't like fleece. I thought it was broken, but it's not. It works fine on all other materials besides fleece. I was able to get the last leg sewn on these tonight! They are a bit wonky, but I love them because they are my first pair. The Diaperswappers market is swamped with mamas selling these, because the pattern creator allows you to sell them after "free for shipping" just one! Anyway, they are supposedly great for wearing over prefolds & fitteds. I've never actually tried a soaker. But, I did have great success with fleece pants. So we shall see. (When I have a baby or if I make some boyish ones for Spencer.)

Ok, up next we have a Prefold diaper that I made out of a flat birdseye diaper & then embellished. Too bad it's about an inch short in the rise & a good 2 inches short on the width. It doesn't stretch like the flannel one & I didn't take that into account when I was planning it. Oh well, it can't be pinned, but I could probably snappi it & then cover it. I wouldn't leave it on him uncovered though, or we'd have EBF poo everywhere!

Next is a pacifier clip that I gave new life to. See the cute Nuk plastic piece. That was my old paci clip. One of the dogs ate the yellow strap that was on it & made it useless. So I recycled a piece of Organic Bamboo Velour (OBV) to make a new strap. Then I used the bottoms of a cut-off onesie to steal some snaps so I can attach & detach pacifiers to it! I am quite proud of it. It is VERY soft & cuddly! Spencer even took a paci for the first time tonight, using it! Yay!
Up next, Andy is modeling another diaper I made. This one is a prefold made from a Toddler prefold, I had cut in half a while back. I forget why I cut it in half, but I gave it new life this way. Unfortunately its only a tiny bit bigger than the one above & can't be pinned on Spencer's butt either! I can definitely snappi this one & put it under a cover though. I'll work on making some larger ones for him soon. He is still much too tiny for an Infant Green Mountain Diaper prefold.

And finally, the picture you've all been waiting for. An itty bitty baby in an itty bitty diaper! Here is Spencer's butt in a Rumpsters size small cloth diaper. It was actually the ONLY one he wore tonight. His mama doesn't know I am using CDs on him & I am scared to put him down after 7 in one, in case he doesn't wake back up! Hee hee....

And again, during the same diaper change. He was quite hungry & not in the mood to pose for pictures.

Just after that diaper change, Tim overheated the breastmilk & we had to wait for it to cool. Spence was VERY hungry, but he calmed down when I stuck him (swaddled) in my new modmum sling. ( I got 3 comments at Chesapeake Square Mall about it, when I was carrying Grayson tonight.

And then, when the milk was finally cool enough for Spence to eat, Tim got to feed him & love on him, while I cleaned house & cooked dinner. Spencer was laughing and "talking" to his uncle Timmy & I couldn't resist taking a pic of my man. He actually says (on his own, without prompting!) that he wants a baby, when he is playing with Spencer & Grayson.

Spencer LOVES to be swaddled, even at 6 weeks old. I love it, I think a swaddled up baby is too freaking cute for words!
Anyway, it's 2:20 in the a.m. & I'm off to bed. I gotta do it all again tomorrow!

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Smellyann said...

EBF? Snappi? Dude. Have a kid!

How in the hell do you overheat EBM? You're not microwaving it, are you?!! :O

Dude. You need to find a new place to take pictures. LMAO!! Sorry about the bed. Stuff is cute, I love it! Good job. You're gonna be a diaper making fool when you're pregnant...