Sunday, September 7, 2008

Getting Ready for Back to School

Yucky. The weekend is over. It's time to start getting ready for back to work!

Let me tell you about my weekend first though.

Friday night I stayed up super late after Spencer & Grayson left at 2, (like 3:30 in the morning!) sewing & blogging & crafting.

I slept in until something like noon. After we got up & dressed we headed to the Chesapeake Square Wal-Mart, because they had Wiis in stock on Thursday. BUT, they were SOLD OUT! Bummer. So we left there & headed to the mall. We checked Sears & Radio Shack & then found a Game Spot! They had one! So we bought the Wii, which comes with 1 controller, 1 nunchuck & Wii Sports. Then we got an extra nunchuck & Wii Play (basically a how-to use the controllers game) that came with an extra controller. (The controller is $40, Wii Play is $50.)

Then we came home & Tim got it all set up, while I packed up the kids' stuff. I packed my bookbag, a small suitcase, and a lunch box worth of stuff to take to Melanie's house. It won't be so bad when I have my own kids because I'll know what fits them & won't have to plan on needing to completely change their clothes. Anyway, I used lots & lots of cloth diapers on both boys & actually ran out of Spencer's cloth. Grayson stayed in cloth until we got home (around 11:30) and it was great.

Anyway, back to our day....after I packed & wrapped Chloe's earrings we headed to Cheeseburger in Paradise to get the boys. Then we went to the mall & got my jewelry back. We window shopped for sapphires. I may be getting some jewelry for my b-day. (earrings & a bracelet or ring w/ natural sapphires or a new necklace, about which I am not picky) Then we went upstairs to Charley's and got some sandwhiches & fries for dinner. Grayson through a temper tantrum & we hightailed it out of there.

We got to Mel's a little late but she didn't mind TOO much. It was Chloe's birthday. Her friend was there & we did presents & then cake. Grayson was in rare form & truly misbehaving. He's normally such an AWESOME baby! We hung out & talked & ate cake & pizza & then more cake until 11 at night.

Tim & I came home, laid the babies down, wrapped meat, and then played Wii. After the babies were picked up, Tim played Wii & I sewed a bit. I am working on a "taggie" blanket. I think it's going to be cute. I have it laid out & just need to iron & pin it up before I can start sewing. I really think Spencer will like it! (It's mine to use when I babysit.) Anyway, I will have pictures when its done.

We were up until after 4 am! We just got up, Tim's been on the Wii & now it's my turn!

Still to come--he's got to take Rosie in for bloodwork (She's being spayed tomorrow!) and work on the yard maybe...and I've got lesson plans to write & a house to clean, yet again.

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Smellyann said...

I didn't mind you being late, you goose!

OMG someone just posted for 140 sq ft of laminate flooring on Freecycle - a WANTED. Can you believe the nerve?!! ha!

Anyway, I can't wait to see the blanket! And I'm jealous of the Wii, I can't wait to get mine!!! Any day now...

Oh shoot, I forgot to blog about what the celly phone picture was that I sent you. It's the new dress-up storage ottoman, so I can get rid of the crappy trunk!! Yay! I'll post tomorrow. We still have to put the wheels on it. That will be awesome.

It's 3:30. I slept from like 9 pm to after midnight and now i'm wide awake. Sucks!! Guess I'll scrap. Tata!