Saturday, September 20, 2008

Carolynn is spending the weekend with her Auntie!

Be prepared for a picture-full weekend!

So, Chrissy is in a world of hurt AGAIN (She may be facing lots of jail time, we won't know until Oct. 3.) so she asked me to keep Caro this weekend, so she could work & go to AA meetings.

John took Brianna back & brainwashed her into thinking that Chrissy can't afford to raise her (which is actually true--she ran entirely out of diapers last week) and that Bri should live with her Dad so that she doesn't HURT her mom anymore.

How F&#*ed up is that?

So, Chrissy has a lot of stuff to ge straight. He's taking her to court for $19,900 in back child support! (and he's trying to finalize the divorce)

So, off of their mess, I picked her up last night around 7--then spent an hour packing for her. When I got home, Tim had made Chicken & potatoes for dinner. Yummy. This was also the first home-cooked meal in a couple weeks! (We ate a lot of "quesadillas" off the griddle!) Carolynn pigged out & then we started cleaning. We actually worked together & got the house ALMOST finished. We didn't do any folding/putting away of the huge mountain of laundry though, so that still needs done. I did get all of the laundry (except the last load I started this morning) washed & dried though!

I laid out all the cute clothes, diapers, and whatnot that Tim will need today, because he's actually going to be doing most of the babysitting today! I have training this morning from 9-12, then I'm going to come home & get him, go to the PO, go to the DMV, and then take him back home, so that I can go to Virginia Beach. Why am I going to VB? Oh, yea, to get my Manicure & Pedicure, that Melanie & I are giving each other for our birthdays! Yay! I'm very excited!

So anyway, I should go get showered, scrub the high chair (it was SUPER nasty, I already washed the removable cover), and fold some laundry so I can be on time to class!

I'll leave you with a stuffed-up-nose Carolynn playing Rock Band with Uncle Tim!

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