Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's My Birthday Week!

Yay! So, let's start with the most recent occurance!

Tim gave me one of my birthday gifts early!

Here it is:

Yay! I've been wanting it since it came out on the 9th. He's installing it right now! Yay! Between the Wii & Spore--we're going to be some gaming fools!

We went to Arby's for dinner. That was yummy!

Melanie and I went to Michael's for their huge season end scrapbooking sale. I got some stuff to help me get my "Arts & Crafts" business on the road again.

This is a sticker set I got for a "Jungle Love" note card & some Monster's Inc, stickers I just couldn't pass up. Note to Mel-If you ever see ANYTHING Monster's Inc, call me so I can give you $$ to buy it or go & get it myself! OK? Thanks!

These are some clear stamps that were only $1 a piece! Awesome! I love my clear stamps!

Next up is the circle cutter I've been wanting. Melanie got one too! There's also a pack of paper that's all different shades of purple!

And the last thing I bought is a set of 25 cards & envelopes for my "notecard" making. (This ought to speed things up quite a bit!)

Melanie and I got our manicures & pedicures done at Le Nails on Princess Anne. They did a decent job. Not super grand, but it was only $45 with the tip, so that's not bad!

Here's a picture of my color: "Let's have a party"
And of my pretty french manicure:

So, it was REALLY nice to go out with just Melanie. We like NEVER get to do that. We think this may be the 3rd time, ever. Anyway, I think the highlight of the event was holding Mel's hand while the Vietnamese woman "tickled" the crap out of me, first with the callus cutter & then with a pumice stone!

Tim and I got some "lunch" at Subway. It was almost 4:00, but we hadn't eaten anything. Tim forgot to buy anything for Caro, so he had to get her more food later. Oh well.

OKAY, so now I'm going to go back to 7:00 am when I got up & then take you through the day up until 4:00 (which is where we are now...OK? do you follow?)

So, I got up at 7:00, 1 minute before my alarm went off. I forgot to take my temp, but I'll do it tomorrow.

I got right to work on getting some stuff done. I switched & folded some laundry. I scrubbed Carolynn's high chair, and I just generally got ready for the day. I think I even blogged a bit about my morning already. When Caro got up at 8:00 I was MOSTLY ready for her. I got her taken care of & then passed her off to Tim. I got in the shower, around-about the time I should have been leaving, but wasn't stressed. After I got showered & got the laundry taken care of, I went ahead and headed to the Central Admin building in Norfolk. I was 30 minutes late. I talked to my Dad on the ride over. The training was called "Science Fair Boot Camp" and it was a huge waste of my morning. Tim did well with Carolynn while I was gone though.

When I got home, just after noon, I gave Caro a bath & got her stuff all ready to go. Tim showered & we were on our way.

We headed first to the library to return some Dvds & a Book on CD. Then we headed to the DMV, which was closed. We needed to get Tim registered to vote & put him on my new Title. Then we headed to the Post Office, which was closed. We needed to ship a diaper, mail some stuff to Laura, and send a present to my Mom. Oh well. Then we headed to PetSmart & bought some more stuff. We got 68 lbs of puppy food. We also bought some dog toys. I have pictures!

So, what we have here is a Kong bouncy ball, a Bamboo rugged chew toy, with a rope & a tennis ball attached, a GIANT rope knot, and a new Nylabone. You can see the OLD Nylabone on the left. We figured they were fighting over & sharing this one (it's funny 2 dogs on the bone at once!) so we ought to get another one. It was a very well spent $130!

After PetSmart we went to Michael's to get Mom a gift. Shh, don't tell her. Then we walked around Grand Furniture looking at couch sets. Around 3:15, we realized I was going to be running late for Melanie's so we shook off the salesperson & high tailed it out of there.
Here's a pic of a happy baby mid-laugh. This was before I put in her ADORABLE pig tails!

Caro is asleep in bed & she's been a joy to have this weekend. I can't wait for a baby.

So, I think that's my whole day. I think it was a GREAT beginning to the day.

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