Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-11-01 Remembered

Well, I know it's late in the day, but I wanted to get my rememberance in too.

On September 11, 2001, I was a Freshman in college at Longwood University. I was up and actually in the shower when the first plane hit the first tower. My two roomates, cousins who spoke only Spanish in my precense, had the news on. Somebody ran into the bathroom (where I was showering & someone else was getting their hair or teeth taken care of) and called us to watch the t.v. Dumbstruck, I stodd in my dorm room with 2 girls I haven't talked to in 7 years and watched live t.v as the second plane hit the towers. I called home. My dad was at work on the base & couldn't answer his phone because the lines were so clogged. I can't remember if I got a hold of my Mom or not, but I did get through to a couple friends at school. After watching frantically, I ran across campus to the dining hall (d-hall) every television in the campus was on the news. It was wild & crazy. People were frantic. I was frantic. I can't remember if I ate anything, but I then headed to my 9 am class. All classes cancelled-Go be with your family! That's what the doors to the buildings said. So, back to the dorm or back to my friends' house, I can't remember, but that day life in America changed forever. Locks were installed on all the doors to our buildings & we had to use our key cards to get into the buildings. My dad was locked down on Norfolk's base for a while.

So, anyway, I wept for all the men, women, and children killed on that day. I wept for the ones who made it, but didn't survive. I wept when every baby was born to a now widowed mother. I watched the specials about those women who had babies on 9-11 and what that meant to them, as well as to all the women who gave birth after 9-11 without their husbands by their sides. I wept for all the little children who were orphaned or had their world turned upside down. I can't imagine what life must be like for all the people effected by those events. Fortunately I did not personally know anyone who was harmed or even involved with the entire catastrophe.

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