Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's My Birthday & I'll Cry if I want to....

And I did. A lot.

So, it started with a migraine last night. We went to Cracker Barrell & I was sick with this migraine. So when we got home, I basically went straight to bed. I talked to my dad for about an hour & then fell asleep around 9. I woke up this morning, still feeling like crap.

I contemplated not going to work or taking the morning off. But, I decided I couldn't do that.

So I got up, found some clothes that matched & headed to work in the yucky rain.

On the way, I crashed my car. I looked down to check my gauges and when I looked up, traffic was nearly stopped. I tried to stop and swerved, but couldn't get completely out of the way. I rearended the girl in front of me. My front end hit the passenger corner of her bumper. My car wouldn't start & the wheels wouldn't turn. As soon as my car was stopped (which took a second), I called Tim. Bawling. Then I called 911. Then I called work. Then I called Tim again. Then I called Dad. Still bawling. The girl I hit got out of her car, looked at the damage (not much), waved & yelled something, and then got back in her car. I stayed in my car until the officer said I could go. I got a ticket for "Following too Close." The officer said he'd do me a favor & not give me a ticket for "Exceeding the Maximum Safe Speed Limit" b/c that is reckless driving & -6 points. Like I cared! I was still cry-ey until Tim got there. When the officer said I could go, I unloaded my stuff into Tim's truck. Then we headed out.

Our first stop was Ingleside. I wanted to let the principal's know I was OK and make sure my class was good. Mrs. Clark (the art teacher) decorated my door with my class, it was pretty! After we left there, I called the insurance company & Tim made some calls for work. We drove randomly towards VB while we talked on the phones. I made arrangements for my car to go to Priority Toyota for an assessment & work & arranged to pick up a rental on Saturday. Tim called in to work & took care of his responsibilities.

By that time, my left arm & hand were quite swollen so we decided to go to the Urgent Care center. The doctor said my arm & hand were classic "whiplash" type injuries & should heal on their own. While she was doing her exam she found a tender spot on my ribs. She told us to watch it because it's right over my liver & there could be some unknown damage in there. It could be a broken or bruised rib too. Something is definitely wrong in there though because its been hurting pretty badly since about 4:30.

After the Urgent Care Center we headed out to find some lunch. We made a stop at Tim's parents house to use the computer & then we headed to Ruth's Chris. They weren't open so we ended up going to P.F. Chang's. It was good but the service SUCKED. We got "The Great Wall of Chocolate" dessert. Yummy.
After that, we headed to PetSmart to get flea medicine for the dogs.

Then, we went to the DMV to do some stuff. Tim got registered to vote. Yay! I got my license renewed! Yay! BUT, I had to retake my picture. I am one of those people who "wears" their emotions. You can STILL tell I've been crying today & I haven't cried since 5 o clock. So my picture pretty much sucks! I also "sold" my car to Tim & myself. Then paid for a new title & registration. So now, if we ever get my car back, Tim can take it to work! Yay! While we were at the DMV Tim got a phone call.

So, we headed to Lynnhaven Mall because one of my birthday gifts was in. Yay for gifts! Here's a picture!

It's kind of hard to take pictures of jewelry. They are light sapphire stud earrings. I love them. I did pick them out so it wasn't too hard to please me! They are on 14K white gold studs. Love, love, love them!

We left the mall without any dilly-dallying because by that time I could barely walk.

I slept for the entire ride home. I've been SO sleepy all day.

When we got home, I got undressed & had Tim check out my belly again. The things the doc said to watch for (hard belly, misplaced pain, nausea, vomiting, blood) haven't happened so we're thinking I just banged up a rib or 2. Then he gave me my other birthday present. Here's a pic!

It's a natural sapphire & diamond ring. It's so pretty. I picked it out too! Tim is so good to me! There are 4 sapphires & 3 diamonds on it! I love it! Since then, we've been playing on our computers. It's only 8:25 & really too early for bed but we're both kind of ready.

I called in for tomorrow & am taking the day off. I expect to be hurting pretty badly. I'm actually in quite a lot of pain right now.

So, yea, I might cry some more.

If they total my car, what should I get? It has to be new & it has to be a Toyota. We will probably have about $5,000 to put down if they total my car.

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Smellyann said...

I'm really sorry about your mostly sucky birthday and your car and your pain. :( I wish I could take that back for you. But your new jewels are gorgeous, baby! Just beautiful.

I have no idea what to tell you to get. Why does it have to be a Toyota? What about a Prius?