Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So, I went to the new GYN yesterday, Dr. Frank Morgan. I am so pleased! He is 1. Willing to work with me & "not treat me for infertility", since my health insurance doesn't cover ANY infertility treatments! 2. In agreement that I do have PCOS 3. In agreement that the Metformin doesn't appear to be doing anything for me.

His plan of action is to
1. Start losing weight. ASAP. The more the better.
2. Take Progesterone to induce a period. This will take about 17 days. (so by Oct. 4 I should have my period for the first time since June 9)
3. Wait & see, while I continue exercise, diet, and my Met at 1500 mg a day.
4. See me again on Nov. 17 to see what's going on. I may change that appt. to 2 months after the first day of my new cycle though, because I think that's what he meant by 2 months, not 2 months from yesterday. Which would still be by Dec. 4.
5. Assess where we are at that point. The options are
A. Pregnant (Wahoo!)
B. Not pregnant but ovulating on my own & possibly having another "regular" period
C. Not pregnant & not showing any signs of ovulation
6. If the options are B or C, he will start me on Progesterone again (to induce another period within 60 days of the last) and then Rx Clomid to make me ovulate! So, by the end of this year I should ovulate!


Doesn't my hubby look wonderful holding a baby?


Smellyann said...

Your husband looks ENORMOUS holding a baby!

Yay for all the news, even though I knew it! :D :D :D

MotherGoose said...

who's the baby?