Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another Baby

Every single day, it hits me again, in just a few short months, we are going to have a SECOND baby.  Two little people that I have to take care of, teach, and love.

This is so surreal.  We tried SO hard and for so long to conceive Luke.  Every minute of my pregnancy with him was cherished in anticipation of what we had been waiting for, and knew nothing about.  With this surprise pregnancy, it's so different!

We weren't planning this, we were very shocked, and quite unprepared physically and mentally.  Tim's got his mind wrapped around it better than me & I can feel the little nudger squirming inside me!

I have been feeling 2-3 good movements each day for some time now & each time it happens, I think to myself, "oh, my, yea, there's a BABY in there!"  Which is bizarre--how can you FORGET you're pregnant!?!

For me, I have SO much going on with this kitchen reno. and taking care of a VERY active little monkey (I mean, one year old boy)....that its just NOT the forefront thing in my mind each day.

I do spend a few minutes each night feeling the baby and enjoying it, but mostly I'm so busy and so sick, the days are all passing in a blur!

We're 3 days away from 15 weeks....and then its just 5 weeks until the HALFWAY point!

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Kati said...

Just wanted to say hi! You have a gorgeous Family!