Tuesday, February 15, 2011

16 Months Update

16 Months Old Feb. 18, 2011

Sign Language:
Luke understands and uses these signs correctly:
More, Milk, Please, Down, Eat, Drink, Thank You, All Done,  Bye , Night Night, Up, My turn, Hurt

He understands these signs:
Jump, Up, Yucky, No, You're Welcome

Spoken Language:
Luke says:
Mom, Dad, Hi, Bye, Down, More, Milk, Why, Stop, Wee, Woah...

Phrases he can say:
Where is it?  Where did it go?  Where is she?  Where is he? 

Animals he can name:
Dog, Bird, Duck

Animal sounds he can make:
Woof, Moo, Quack, "snap" (claps hands like an alligator's mouth)

Fine Motor Skills: (no changes)
Luke is getting really good at stacking Mega Blocks on each other to build different shapes and towers. 
He can fit small objects into small spaces.
He is starting to understand and figure out his shape sorters and puzzles. 
He can put a ball (2") into a small hole (4"). 
He can hold a colored pencil or crayon correctly and color on a piece of paper. 
Luke can pour from a cup into another container, though he does still spill a lot. 

Gross Motor Skills: (no changes)
Luke can walk and run. 
He can walk backwards. 
He can kick a ball.  (big or small!) 
He even dances, by stomping his feet and wiggling his butt!  He does "the monkey" (raises & lowers his arms opposite of each other) and gets excited if you even mention dancing. 
Luke can climb ladders, up stairs, into a restaurant high chair, onto the couches, onto the ottomans, off of the couch, off of the bed, and more.  He can get just about any where he sets his mind to.
Luke waves hi & bye and blows kisses. 
He also gives closed mouth kisses complete with the "smacking" noise.
Luke can carry large, awkward, and heavy objects in front of him while walking. 
Luke can comb his own hair.
Luke can throw a ball over and under handed. 

Luke has 9 teeth!

We had a set-back due to having the stomach flu for a week, but we are slowly getting Luke back into eating his solids.

Luke goes to bed around 9 pm. 
He's been self-soothing with a sippy cup a couple times a night & on Friday (2/11) Tim actually put Luke to bed for the night with the sippy cup!  I think we are getting close to night weaning!  
Luke still nurses and takes a morning nap, about 3 hours after he gets up. 
He sometimes takes an afternoon nap when he nurses around 4 pm.  He sometimes just nurses for a few minutes and is done.  He can't decide if he needs 2 naps a day or not. 

Playtime: (no changes)
Luke enjoys playing:
Hide & Go Seek
In the bath tub
With the dogs
"Talk" on the phone
Reading books

Favorites: (no changes)
Movie-Toy Story & Toy Story 3
Toy- Fisher Price Spinning Speedway 
Book-Little Feet Love, Baby Einstein Touch & Feel Wild Animals

Car Seat Safety: 
Luke rides in a Radian 80SL rearfacing car seat. 
He also still has some room to grow in his infant seat, technically, but it is a SNUG fit to get him into it!  The limits on that seat are 30 lbs and 32 inches.  Luke is about 19 lbs (he lost several pounds with the stomach flu) and 30 inches tall.  We still occasionally use the "bucket" seat as a back-up seat.

Potty Learning: (no changes)
Tom & Peggy bought Luke a potty seat.  He has sat on it a few times, but never done anything on it. 
I think he has a ways to go before he is ready for potty training.  We might try again just before the baby is born & then use the extra attention he can get from it to help training him when we bring the baby home. 
When we start actively training him, I want to get the "Ditto Daddy" trainer pattern to make him undies like Tim's! 

Luke can point out his ear and nose.  He can "wash" his hair, put lotion on his belly, & raise his arms.  We are still working on eyes and mouth. 
He can work the iPad and Tim's iPod Touch, he knows how to turn them on & unlock the screen.  He can stop and start his movies. 
Luke has been for 2 bike rides.  He really enjoys the wind and says "Weee" the whole time we're riding. 
Luke loves to be read to, but he can also entertain himself for several minutes (15-20) "reading" out load to himself.  He just babbles away while turning the pages in his many books.
Luke can blow bubbles in the bath tub!
Luke can climb like a MONKEY!  He climbs into & out of the bath tub, onto chairs, and more!  

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