Thursday, February 17, 2011

Long Sunday Update

Jan. 27 (Thurs)- Feb. 3 (Thurs)
-I can't remember, and in the sake of getting this post published--I'm just going to forget about those days.  Bummer!

Feb. 4 (Fri)
Awful bout of dehydration strikes at bed time

Feb. 5 (Sat.)
Mom & Dad drove in, Dad, Frankie, & Tim worked in the kitchen all day.
Mom, Luke and I ran all around town.  First we went to Trader Joes, then Chrissy's house for a while, then to A.C. Moore, then to the bank and Ming's Chinese.  After Ming's, we headed to Animal Jungle.  From there we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to pick up a to-go dinner for everybody.

Feb. 6 (Sun.)
Mom & Dad drove in again, so Tim & Dad could work on the kitchen some more.  I was still sick & dehydrated, but Mom & I headed out anyway.
We went to Michael's, then CiCi's Pizza, then Ashley Furniture and finally to the mall so Luke could play.
When we got home, Mom & Dad left for Mandy's to watch the Super Bowl.  Tim & I got the house cleaned up & ourselves settled before heading over just before Half Time.
We ate dinner & watched the game at Mandy's.

Feb. 7 (Monday)
Luke cut his 3rd molar, on the top left.
Tim felt the baby moving around in my tummy.

Feb. 8 (Tuesday)
12 Weeks!!
All day Luke was cranky & fussy.  He had a runny nose & low-grade fever.
Luke got sick to his stomach around 5, right before we headed out the door to Applebee's for dinner with Dad & Frankie.  He ended up puking a whole lot more before we even got our appetizers, so we ended up getting our dinners to go & leaving on the fly.
We all ate our food 1/2 cold & then Dad & Tim went to the hardware store (in Frankie's truck) to get the supplies we were needing for the kitchen remodel.  I stayed home & managed to get Luke to sleep around 9:15, poor little guy.

Feb. 9 (Wednesday)
Ashley's 10th birthday
Luke was sick, sick, sick all day & I did not want to leave him.  Dad worked in the kitchen.  When Tim got home he convinced me to let Tom & Peggy babysit so that I could go to our Bible Study..but that meant we were WAY late, since I wasn't ready to go.
First night of Time Starved Marriage Bible Study--things went well, it could have been better, but oh well.  Such is life.  Hopefully the group is a good one & we are able to learn and grow in our marriage.
It made for a late night & when we got to Tom & Peggy's Luke was crying.  I nursed him & he went to sleep in my arms.  He stayed asleep through getting in the car, riding home, and getting out of the car at home.

Feb. 10 (Thursday)
Luke woke up cranky & signing "hurt", so I made arrangements to get him to the doctor.  Only, it was a pain in the butt, that eventually required Tim coming home from work.
We saw Dr. Curry, not Luke's normal doctor.  He suggested that it was probably norovirus & told us how much fluid Luke needed to be taking in.  Luke had lost over a lb already, so we knew it was important to get him re-hydrated.
After the appointment, I took Tim to work & then headed to Virginia Beach.  Luke & I ate at Ming's Chinese for lunch & then headed to my 12 week OB appointment.
Luke screamed and screamed and Dr. M was not able to find the baby's heartbeat on the doppler, thanks to my "extra tissue" down there.  I have lost a little more weight & he seemed pretty concerned by it.
I'm taking my Zofran 2-3 times a day now, and although I'm not vomiting, I'm still not getting enough calories in.
We had to pick Tim up from work on our ride home and Dad was at the house when we got there.  (Still working on our kitchen remodel)
Tim & Dad did some work together & I reheated the Ming's for supper.

Feb. 11 (Friday)
I knew I'd be taking Luke back to the doctor's office for a weigh-in & recheck, so I took Tim to work.
We came home before heading to the doctor's though & Dad was there working in the kitchen.
We saw Dr. Chirico.  Luke had lost 1/4 of a lb in 24 hours, but she said he looked like he was improving so we didn't have to go get IV fluids.  (AMEN!)
At that point his total weight lost was 9.5% of his body weight.
We left the doctor's and took lunch to Mandy at her work.  Then we headed to Lowe's to meet Dad & buy some much needed stuff for the kitchen.
We spent the rest of the day helping Dad & tending to the sickie.
Tim got a ride home from work, when Luke took a long afternoon nap that was going to keep me from picking him up.
That evening, I started to feel sick again.  Chrissy brought Carolynn by.  We had Pizza Hut pizza for dinner, but I couldn't eat mine. :(

Feb. 12 (Saturday)
By Saturday morning, the stomach flu had hit me AGAIN.  Saturday pretty much sucked and I spent a lot of time crying & tending to sick Luke & Carolynn (she had a cough).  Tim & Dad worked ALL DAY (over 12 hours) in the kitchen.  We ate left-overs for dinner (bc I was NOT eating) and Dad ate with Mandy.

Feb. 13 (Sunday)
Sunday, I skipped church but sent Carolynn with Tim, since Chrissy was supposed to pick her up there.  Luke and I cuddled in bed until after 11 am.  We didn't get up until after Tim & Carolynn got home.
Chrissy ended up coming to the house to get Carolynn.  Around 4 is when I finally started to feel well enough to get some housework done, and I managed to get the place picked up quite a bit with Tim's help, when he was done putting the first coat of "mud" on the new walls in the kitchen!  So GLAD to have walls & ceiling again!

Feb. 14 (Monday) Luke's 2nd Valentine's Day!
We are both on the mend.  Luke woke up with Tim's first alarm today, so we're up bright & early.  We did cuddle in bed for about 45 minutes watching Toy Story 3 though!

I've been busy cleaning, vacuuming, straightening our closet, and tending to the mountain of laundry.  (Seriously, it was OVERFLOWING Luke's crib!  I couldn't muster the energy to fold or anything--though I did keep the clothes CLEAN while I was sick...just not put away.)

Luke hasn't been sleeping in his crib.  I moved his cradle (without the stand) into our room on the floor & have been letting him sleep in there & co-sleep while he's been so sick.

Luke's been watching Barney & playing with his toys.  So far neither of us is showing any signs of being sick today (other than Luke's runny nose & tugging on his ear--I swear he has an infection....)  so we're doing pretty good.

Luke and I went grocery shopping and ran a couple errands after Tim got home from work, so that he could work on putting the 2nd coat of "mud" in the kitchen in peace.  He wasn't feeling well but managed to get it done.

I don't have any pictures to add to this post, since Luke puked on the camera Tuesday & I've only recently cleaned it!  Sorry!

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